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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.

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3 Easy Ways to Make Your Renders More Realistic wi
Learn how to add realism quickly in SOLIDWORKS Visualize with these 3 top tips!
Calculating the Trajectory of a Cricket Ball with
Can SOLIDWORKS Motion help to improve your bowling accuracy?
The Best Way to Work Efficiently with Windows File
Discover how to use Enterprise Item Numbers and auto-naming to enhance your workflow.
Enhancing Efficiency and Customisation: Vanity Hal
Discover how Vanity Hall streamlined production by using SWOOD and Solid Solutions.
ROUND UP: Showcasing SWOOD Capabilities at Materia
Here's what you missed at the Materials & Finishes Show 2024.
How to Find Your SOLIDWORKS Serial Number
SOLIDWORKS serial numbers can be found within the Help section of your SOLIDWORKS session and within your Windows Registry.
Top 3 Benefits of SOLIDWORKS Composer
Discover the three key benefits SOLIDWORKS Composer and how they apply to businesses in any industry.
What are the Best File Formats to Export from SOLI
Discover the best neutral file formats to use when exporting files from SOLIDWORKS.
How is SOLIDWORKS used in Recycling & Waste Manage
Discover the companies who are using SOLIDWORKS to benefit the Recycling & Waste Management industry.
Reduce Your Time to Market with these 5 Reasons to
As you look to reduce your time to market, SOLIDWORKS PDM frees up your resources by keeping processes ticking over in the background. Let’s break it down.
Top 5 Ways to Boost Performance for SOLIDWORKS 202
What are the best graphics cards settings for SOLIDWORKS? We’ll discuss how to improve performance and which cards you should buy in this article.
How to Calculate Internal Volumes in SOLIDWORKS
Discover how to find internal volumes in SOLIDWORKS in this short tutorial.
10 Reasons Why You Need to Join the SOLIDWORKS for
Discover the 10 main reasons why Startups are using SOLIDWORKS in 2024
Who Uses SOLIDWORKS in Wales?
Discover the companies who are designing with SOLIDWORKS across Wales.
How to Simulate Welding with MSC Marc
Discover how MSC Marc can simulate welding to help you make informed design decisions.
What's New in SOLIDWORKS Data Management for 2024?
Discover the new features of SOLIDWORKS data management and how upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2024 will make your life easier while keeping your data secure.
How to Create Virtual Sharps in SOLIDWORKS
Boost your SOLIDWORKS sketching speed with this helpful tip!
4 Ways to Add Custom Properties in SOLIDWORKS
Learn how to add custom properties in SOLIDWORKS.
Who Uses SOLIDWORKS in Scotland?
Discover the companies who are designing with SOLIDWORKS across Scotland.
A Simple Approach to Modelling Fluid-Filled Struct
Determine static loading of closed containers with MSC Marc.
10 Reasons to Use SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro
Discover why SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro is the right data management package for you with 10 of the best features in SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro.
How to Start Subdivision Modelling with 3D Sculpto
Discover how to get started with subdivision modelling by building images into your workflow in xShape and the 3D Sculptor role.
How is SOLIDWORKS used in the Medical Industry?
Discover 5 companies who are using SOLIDWORKS to create life-saving products.
10 NEW Updates to SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2024
Discover the latest enhancements to SOLIDWORKS Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Plastics for 2024.
10 NEW Updates to SOLIDWORKS Assemblies
Discover the latest enhancements to assembly modelling with SOLIDWORKS 2024!
Simulation Tips: How to Customise MSC Apex
Learn how to create custom toolbars in MSC Apex
What are DSPBR Appearances?
Discover the brand new appearances coming to SOLIDWORKS Visualize 2024...
How to Start Subdivision Modelling with 3D Sculpto
Learn how to create new components, add primitives, and manipulate basic forms with 3D Sculptor.
How to Install SOLIDWORKS 2024
The following guide takes you through the process of cleanly installing SOLIDWORKS 2024.
Who Uses SOLIDWORKS Simulation? | December Custome
Discover who uses SOLIDWORKS Simulation for CFD and FEA analysis.
Upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2024? Read these FAQs firs
Upgrading to SOLIDWORKS 2024? Read these FAQs first!
5 NEW Updates to SOLIDWORKS Drawings for 2024!
Discover what’s new in SOLIDWORKS 2024 for 2D technical drawings.
MSC Software: Virtual Durability with MSC One
Discover how the MSC.One porfolio can help calculate the durability of products and assess fatigue.
5 NEW Time-Saving Sheet Metal & Fabrication Tools
Discover the great new tools in SOLIDWORKS 2024 to empower fabricators and sheet metal designers.
9 NEW Updates to Parts & Features: What's New in S
Discover all the latest updates to SOLIDWORKS part modelling with SOLIDWORKS 2024.
Teach SOLIDWORKS: Discover What’s Included in a SO
What exactly is included in a SOLIDWORKS Educational Subscription? Let’s break it down.
Who Uses SOLIDWORKS Visualize? | November Customer
Discover who uses SOLIDWORKS Visualize below, as we feature some of the companies that are harnessing the evolution in CAD rendering technology with SOLIDWORKS Visualize to stand out in crowded markets.
Surface Modelling Tips: How to Repair & Edit Impor
Learn what imported geometry is and how to repair it in SOLIDWORKS.
Manufacturing Showcase 2023 Wrapped
From concept to creation and beyond! Here's what you missed at the Manufacturing Showcase event in September 2023.
FEA Simulation: What is Element Deactivation?
Element deactivation is the removal of elements during an analysis. Learn what it's used for in this blog.
Top 10 Driveworks Tips for New Users
Whether you're new to DriveWorks or looking to enhance your skills, these tips will help you work more efficiently and effectively.
How to Convert Solids to Surfaces in SOLIDWORKS
The quickest way to convert a solid body to a surface is to use the Delete Face command.
Data Management: How to Customise Notification Tem
SOLIDWORKS PDM now provides administrators the option to customise the templates used for automatic notifications.
Does SOLIDWORKS use Multiple Cores?
How does SOLIDWORKS use CPU cores and how many do we recommend?
How to Add Decals to Spheres in SOLIDWORKS
Learn how to add decals in SOLIDWORKS quickly with this step-by-step tutorial.
Rendering with SOLIDWORKS: Why Choose Solid Soluti
Our Visualisation services can be summed up in three core offerings. If you are working against the inevitable deadline, or simply don’t have the capabilities in-house – we can assist you in creating visuals that help bring your designs to life.
What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2024: Top 10 New Features
SOLIDWORKS 2024 has arrived, which means there’s a whole load of new and exciting features for us to unpack. Here are the top 10 features in SOLIDWORKS 2024.
Saying Goodbye to PhotoView 360
Upon first activating PhotoView 360 in SOLIDWORKS 2023, you will be greeted with information that PhotoView360 will no longer be included as of SOLIDWORKS 2024.
Rendering with SOLIDWORKS VR: How to Create Immers
Discover how you can create engaging product visualisations through interactive and immersive content!
Who Uses SOLIDWORKS? | October Customer Spotlight
Across every industry, whatever their size, we are continually impressed and proud to support these innovators. Check out October's selection!
Ryder Cup 2023: How to Model a Golf Ball in SOLIDW
Learn how to create a golf ball in SOLIDWORKS to celebrate the return of the Ryder Cup!
Why You Should Join the Solid Solutions Student Co
The 3DEXPERIENCE platform is widely used in the engineering and design industry, particularly in sectors such as aerospace, automotive, and manufacturing.
Rendering with SOLIDWORKS: 5 Tips for a Better Ren
Regardless of how you work under pressure, make sure you reduce render times and maximise your productivity to meet your deadlines with SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
MSC Nastran: Automating Post-Processing to Save Ti
Are you a lazy engineer? This hack will save time with post-processing data…
Data Management: 10 Tips to Mastering SOLIDWORKS
We’ve asked our expert data management consultants what tips they’d recommend to those users who want to unlock the secrets of SOLIDWORKS PDM.
Rendering with SOLIDWORKS: Illuminate Your Designs
Here are 5 ways to create realistic lighting in SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
CFD Simulation: Validating SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulat
How reliable is SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation for Thermal Analysis? The results will surprise you!
What is a Registry Reset? How to Reset SOLIDWORKS
A registry reset will affect your menus, toolbars, custom shortcuts, and file locations, and set them back to the default SOLIDWORKS settings.
Bringing Designs to Life: The Power of Product Ani
Traditional static images can only take you so far in showcasing the functionality and intricacies of your products…
ANTOBOT: Empowering Sustainable Agriculture with A
Antobot’s colony of robot ants are on a mission to reshape the future of agriculture through the innovative combination of AI & practical technology.
How to Export Bodies from Parts to Assemblies
Bodies in multibody parts can be converted into individual part files easily with the Save Bodies command in SOLIDWORKS.
What is SOLIDWORKS Visualize?
SOLIDWORKS Visualize is a powerful rendering and visualisation software for professional Designers and Engineers. Learn more…
September Spotlight
Across every industry, whatever their size, we are continually impressed and proud to support these innovators. Check out September’s selection below.
FEA Simulation: Validating SOLIDWORKS Static Simul
How reliable is SOLIDWORKS Simulation for FEA? The results will surprise you!
SOLIDWORKS for Fabrication: What is a K-Factor?
Let’s explore what bend allowances and K-Factors are, and show you how they apply in fabricating sheet metal with SOLIDWORKS.
How to Convert Surfaces to Solid Bodies
Knowing how to convert surfaces to solid bodies is essential when designing in SOLIDWORKS, so let's show you how.
CFD Simulation: Calculating Ventilation Efficiency
SOLIDWORKS Simulation can be used to calculate a wide range of studies using real-world physics in a virtual environment.
How to Search for Commands in SOLIDWORKS
Knowing where the common commands are is a huge way of increasing your efficiency and productivity with SOLIDWORKS and as such is worth the time investment up front.
FEA Simulation: Co-simulation with MSC Adams
MSC CoSim allows us to couple simulation solvers to solve multi-physics problems. We couple FEA with CFD to explore how this can be achieved.
How to Customise SOLIDWORKS Toolbars
SOLIDWORKS toolbars are easily customisable and can be adjusted to suit your needs and workflows.
Fuelling Efficiency: How Extronics Empowers Design
In the ever-evolving landscape of technological advancements, Extronics found themselves at crossroads of innovation and efficiency. Find out how DriveWorks design automation helps them navigate modern challenges.
Validation Case – Computer chip heat flow test rig
Comparing SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation against physical test data is an excellent way to validate and have confidence with the software as it proves that it can replicate what happens in a real world scenario.
The Best Settings for SOLIDWORKS Animations
SOLIDWORKS animations are a convenient and fast way to produce presentable video content. Here are the recommended settings you should use.
Can SOLIDWORKS Run on a Mac in 2023?
While we recommend using a Windows operating system, there are ways you can install and use SOLIDWORKS on MacOS.
How to Create Part Templates in SOLIDWORKS
Creating SOLIDWORKS templates is straightforward, but the key to a good template is how much time it saves.
August Customer Spotlight
Across every industry, whatever size, we are continually impressed and proud to support our customers. Check out how they are transforming their industries through innovation...
Learning SOLIDWORKS: How to Get Help with SOLIDWOR
Our Technical Support hotline is only open for our commercial customers with a valid SOLIDWORKS subscription, however, we do offer Technical Support to educational institutions.
SOLIDWORKS Tips: How to Create Planes in SOLIDWORK
As a designer, it is essential that you know how to create planes in SOLIDWORKS to enable you to model more complex geometry. Adding planes in SOLIDWORKS is achieved using the Plane wizard.
SOLIDWORKS Tips: How to Download 3D Models for SOL
Many major suppliers and manufacturers host their CAD models on 3D Content Central as free downloads that you can use in your SOLIDWORKS models and designs.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize: How Many Passes Should I Do?
Here’s everything you need to know about render passes to help you create the best looking renders without having to wait an eternity for them to complete.
How to Change Units in SOLIDWORKS
Changing units in SOLIDWORKS is easy! Let’s show you how it’s done.
Modelling Elastomeric Materials
The stress/strain curve below is for a synthetic rubber in uniaxial tension/compression.It's very clear from this plot that the behaviour in tension and compression are very different and the response is not linear. Representing this with a linear el....
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation Magnus Effect
SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation can be used to analyse lift force induced by the observable fluid flow phenomenon known as the Magnus effect.
Manufacturing: How to Create Templates in SolidCAM
Using SolidCAM templates reduces repetitive tasks and boosts your productivity. Read on to find out how to create them.
SOLIDWORKS Visualize: Rendering with Gravity
SOLIDWORKS Visualize allows you to recreate the imperfections of photography by creating random, organic arrangements of components with gravity.
SOLIDWORKS Tips: How to Make a Tennis Ball in SOLI
This tutorial guides you through modelling a tennis ball in SOLIDWORKS including some advanced modelling techniques.
How do I Implement Design Automation in my Busines
By automating the design process, businesses can streamline workflows, boost productivity, and ensure consistency in product development.
SOLIDWORKS Tips: How to Create a Sphere in SOLIDWO
Creating a sphere in SOLIDWORKS can be achieved using a single sketch and a single feature in less than 10 seconds.
How to Create a Revolve in SOLIDWORKS
Revolves are axis-symmetrical or turned forms, like straight pipes, spheres and basic water bottles. Here’s how you make a revolve in SOLIDWORKS.
Prize Winners - 2023 Customer Development Events
Who were the lucky winners at our customer events?
July Customer Spotlight
Across every industry, whatever size, we are continually impressed and proud to support our customers. Check out how they are transforming their industries through innovation...
Simulating 3D Printing Metal  - Improve outcomes a
Choosing the right orientation and build parameters can reduce wastage in 3DPrinting, but doing so through trial and error by printing physical parts can be costly.
Everything you Need to Know About SOLIDWORKS Cloud
Find out how the latest changes to SOLIDWORKS Subscriptions will affect you and your business. Here’s everything you need to know about the changes.
How To Animate Rotations in SOLIDWORKS Visualize
Pivot points hold the key to unlocking awesome animations in SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Check out this walkthrough to learn how to create them easily!
How to Create Custom Materials in SOLIDWORKS
Every seat of SOLIDWORKS comes with a customisable material library. The Material Library contains the mechanical properties and default appearance of materials.
Fatigue Simulation
Simulation is a vital and complex engineering need. Fortunately, SOLIDWORKS makes it easy to test, correct mistakes and obtain accurate results.
How to Create Threads in SOLIDWORKS
Learn the best ways to create threads, considering whether you need the physical geometry or if you need only a visual representation.
Is this the Best Data Management Software?
As a Designer or Engineer, it is vital that you have a secure data management system to store and manage your documents and CAD files.
How to Change Your SOLIDWORKS Background Colour
It’s easy to change the background colour in SOLIDWORKS. Follow this short tutorial to change your SOLIDWORKS background colour to white.
What Happened to the SOLIDWORKS Forums?
The SOLIDWORKS Forum looks a little different these days. Find out what’s changed and what that means for you and your business.
June Customer Spotlight
Across every industry, whatever size, we are continually impressed and proud to support our customers. Check out how they are transforming their industries through innovation...
Efficient modelling of machinery components
MSC Adams Gear ModelGear ModellingBefore Adams Machinery, we had a few options for simulating gear meshing within a system. We could specify a couplerbetween two rotating shafts that coupled their motion with a specified gear ratio. It's quick and di....
How to Create Realistic Lighting in SOLIDWORKS
SOLIDWORKS Visualize is equipped with some simple tools to help you get realistic lighting for your product renders.
Solid Solutions Acquires GRM Consulting and 3DPRIN
Solid Solutions, a UK-based technology and business solutions partner for design engineers and manufacturers, has acquired GRM Consulting and 3DPRINTUK.
Top 5 Enhancements to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
The latest release of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform brings with it many enhancements designed to ease the day-day life of SOLIDWORKS users.
How to Make Better Drawings in SOLIDWORKS
This simple trick will save you time and hassle. Let's show you how to make your SOLIDWORKS drawings even better.
Solid Solutions Signs Catalyst Platinum Partnershi
The partnership will be pivotal in providing 3D Computer Aided Design (CAD) training to members of all backgrounds in the Catalyst ecosystem, from students and younger people up to experienced entrepreneurs.
A systematic approach to complex analysis models
An example from my own career while I was working in the US for US-Canadian client with a vague approach to unitsconsistency (the Americans used inches, slugs etc and the Canadians mm, N and so on) I managed to build an FE modelwith the overall dimen....
Why Cloud Data Management?
The 3DEXPERIENCE platform contains applications and solutions for every aspect of your company, so you can manage everything from one place. Here are 6 reasons to use it.
May Customer Spotlight
Across every industry, whatever size, we are continually impressed and proud to support our customers. Check out how they are transforming their industries through innovation...
What’s New in SOLIDWORKS 2023?
Each year, SOLIDWORKS takes your requests and works to bring the extra capabilities you need to the software.
How to Connect ERP Databases to SOLIDWORKS Electri
In SOLIDWORKS you can connect an external database, such as equipment stock, management database, to manufacturer catalogues. This lets you retrieve data from your database and associate it with the electrical project components.
What is 3DSWYM? 3DEXPERIENCE Platform Tutorial
3DSwym is the application at the heart of the 3DEXPERIENCE, allowing users to connect and collaborate across the platform.
How to Install and Use SWOOD Editor
Customisable SWOOD reports provide a comprehensive set of documentation for production including cutting lists, hardware lists, labels, and material summaries.
SOLIDWORKS Auto-recovery and Back up
SOLIDWORKS has two different methods to help you recover from an unexpected crash or loss of data in the form of auto-recovery and back-up settings.
April Customer Spotlight
Across every industry, whatever size, we are continually impressed and proud to support our customers. Check out how they are transforming their industries through innovation...
How to Use the Draw Tab in SOLIDWORKS Electrical
The SOLIDWORKS Electrical Draw tab contains vital tools for an Electrical Designer. Find out how to use the Draw Tab tools in this quick blog.
SWOOD Licensing
In SWOOD there are two main types of licence, the serial number for both types is 24 characters, for online licenses the serial starts with 3010 and for network licences it starts with 3020.
uk budget 2023
This month Jeremy Hunt unveiled the UK's Spring Budget 2023. Here we have highlighted areas of the budget prevalent to businesses in the manufacturing, Engineering, Product Development and Research sectors.
Why are SOLIDWORKS Dimensions Yellow?
Dimensions in SOLIDWORKS sketches will usually turn a shade of yellow when they are missing at least one reference. We show you how to fix them.
How to Find SOLIDWORKS Xpress Product Codes
How to find SOLIDWORKS Xpress product codes in 5 simple steps. Xpress tools come with every seat of SOLIDWORKS and can be unlocked using a product code.
Top 3 Enhancements to 3DEXPERIENCE Platform 2023x
The latest release of the 3DEXPERIENCE platform brings with it many enhancements designed to ease the day-day life of SOLIDWORKS users.
March Customer Spotlight
Across every industry, whatever size, we are continually impressed and proud to support our customers. Check out how they are transforming their industries through innovation...
How to Calculate Wire Lengths SOLIDWORKS Electrica
A bill of materials can show a different value for wire length than the length of the wire. Learn why SOLIDWORKS does this by considering real world scenarios.
How to Calculate Costs with SOLIDWORKS Costing
SOLIDWORKS Costing enables manufacturers to estimate costs of producing a product and provides a breakdown to allow easy identification of where any cost savings can be made.
How to Fix Mod-Diam Display Error
Sometimes after performing an upgrade of SOLIDWORKS, diameter symbols no longer display properly and give a message instead. Here’s how to fix it.
How to Create a Pack & Go in SOLIDWORKS
Pack & Go should be used when sending SOLIDWORKS files to another person. Use this simple guide to help you safely send entire SOLIDWORKS projects.
February Customer Spotlight
Across every industry, whatever size, we are continually impressed and proud to support our customers. Check out how they are transforming their industries through innovation...
How to Create & Link Data Sheets in SOLIDWORKS Ele
Electrical Engineers need an easy way to access to technical details. Read this guide to creating and linking Data Sheets in SOLIDWORKS Electrical.
Simulation Reaction Force Interpretation
SOLIDWORKS helps us to find resultant forces through simulation studies. These virtual tests reduce the need for physical prototypes and give us an accurate answer.
Solid Solutions acquires recruitment specialists S
Solid Solutions - A TriMech Company has acquired Solid People, a UK-based team of CAD (computer aided design) recruitment specialists who help clients grow their engineering and design teams.
Foreshortened Dimensions On Section Views
SOLIDWORKS automatically adds foreshortened dimensions when the end of a dimension falls outside of a drawing view or interferes with other drawing elements.
Flat Pattern Not Working in Drawing
This may be linked to how the drawing is saved or it can be related to how sheet metal parts are displayed in drawings, read on to find out how to fix it.
How to Change a SOLIDWORKS Serial Number
Learn how to change your SOLIDWORKS serial number in the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager in 10 simple steps with this guide.
SOLIDWORKS Simulation Solvers Compared
SOLIDWORKS simulations gives users four options for solvers, these are: FFEPlus, Intel Direct Sparse, Direct Sparse, and Large Problem Direct Sparse. When setting up a simulation, many users have questions about which solver is best for their study a...
Staht Case Study
Staht is a UK-based start-up that is enhancing the safety of the built environment by revolutionising on-site testing and measuring equipment throughout the construction industry.
Reach Net Zero: Advance Your Sustainability Goals
With growing environmental concerns and sustainability requirements, progress towards net-zero is underway with many companies investing significantly to revolutionise their traditional ways of working. Discover how Lifecycle Assessments can help dri...
Hydrogen-Powered Aircraft: What are the Challenges
The Challenges of Hydrogen use in the Aviation IndustryAircraft ArchitectureThe aircraft design methodology utilises existing conventionally powered aircraft. It can analyse both conventional and hydrogen fuel cell powertrains and compare the perform....
Design, Develop, and Deliver Innovation with effic
Unlock the power to innovate with the 3DEXPERIENCE platform which powers industry-leading applications for Design & Engineering, Manufacturing & Production, Simulation, and Governance & Lifecycle.
Unlock the Power to Innovate: 3DEXPERIENCE Trial
3DEXPERIENCE on the cloud helps businesses of any size design, develop, and deliver products from start to finish with built-in secure collaboration. Try it for yourself using our Drive-to-Trial 3-month evaluation trial.
Top 4 Benefits of Composite Materials for Lightwei
One method design and engineering teams have employed to combat high costs and high carbon emissions is the use of composite materials in the development of parts.
Case Study: SuperSharp
While space travel continues to be the next big race for tech giants and disruptors across the globe, start-up SuperSharp Limited is looking at how going into space can help us better understand and care for our planet.
Solid Solutions Acquires Majenta Solutions' Dassau
Solid Solutions strengthens its Business Transformation Team with the Acquisition of Majenta Solutions’ Dassault Systèmes business.
Industry Insight: Electric Drive Systems Powered b
It's no surprise that electric cars are defining the next era of the automotive industry. Because of this, car manufacturers now need to navigate new challenges, such as the need to maximise the power of electric motors while reducing their mass and ...
Solid Solutions New Customer Showcase: July 2022
We're keen to use our platform and channels to showcase the projects a few of these customers are working on and how SOLIDWORKS is helping to make things happen. Check out our July Showcase.
Innovate, Validate and Operate on Hydrogen Aircraf
Decarbonising aviation can be complex and challenging – but it doesn't have to be. With the right solutions, low-carbon possibilities are endless. Innovate, Validate and Operate on Hydrogen Aircraft Concepts with 3DEXPERIENCE.
TOP 10 Benefits of Product Lifecycle Management
Contrary to popular belief, a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) Platform goes beyond the design and engineering departments and encompasses the organisation as a whole. Because of this, benefits can be unlocked across the entire organisation.
From Computer-Aided-Design to Cognitive-Augmented-
With the increasing need to innovate quicker, reduce costs and deliver products right-first time, there has been an uptake in the use of Cognitive-Augmented-Design throughout the design development process.
TriMech and Solid Solutions Unite
TriMech and Solid Solutions Group unite to form a strategic, transatlantic technology and solutions partnership for the advanced design, engineering, and manufacturing sectors.
Industry Insight Interview with Adam Bannaghan: Wh
Understanding Product Lifecycle Management can be confusing, particularly if you’re also considering Product Data Management. What are they? What are the differences? And, how do you know which is the best solution for your business?
Customer Story: TBA Protective Technologies Ltd.
TBA Protective Technologies Ltd. are a manufacturer of passive fire protection products. We took the opportunity to speak to them about how they use SOLIDWORKS.
Industry Insight Interview: Business Sustainabilit
Sustainability has quickly gone from a nice-to-have initiative to a must for all businesses, but what does it mean? We spoke to Colin Clemson, Customer Process Experience Leader at Dassault Systèmes to hear his thoughts on business sustainability.
Solid Solutions New Customer Showcase: June 2022
At Solid Solutions, we are proud to be welcoming new customers, working across a variety of industries and disciplines, from start-ups to OEMs. We're keen to use our platform and channels to showcase the projects a few of these customers are working ...
If you work in design and engineering, then chances are, you've heard the term 3DEXPERIENCE. But, what is the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform? What are the benefits? And how does it differ from SOLIDWORKS? We took the opportunity to speak to Ian Pilkington, No...
In this short interview, our Business Transformation Technical Director, Adam Bannaghan, talks us through all things Digital Thread and Digital Twin. What are they? Are they things that we should be taking seriously? What are the potential benefits?
An Introduction to Engineering Change Management
All companies have an Engineering Change process, whether an informal “word of mouth” process or an established documented process. However, surprisingly few organisations have an effective change management process with many not realising the full b...
Generative Design: Break Through Creative Barriers
It’s more important than ever for designers to push past conventional ways of working to think innovatively – and quickly. Generative Design is imperative to helping designers develop, validate, and deliver innovative solutions quicker.
Top 3 Trends Advancing the Future of Electric Vehi
Here are the top trends we believe are going to drive the electric vehicle industry forwards. For more information about some of the key trends and what they mean for startups, R&D and OEMs in the EV market, you can download the full Dassault Sys....
Sustainable Innovation with SOLIDWORKS - Customer
Ahead of World Environment Day this Sunday (5th of June), we wanted to showcase a few of our customers who have been inventing unique solutions to help combat this cycle, reduce our impact on the environment and create a healthier planet for the futu...
We’ve signed the Internship Pledge!
Solid Solutions have joined hundreds of other businesses in signing the Internship Pledge led by Design Truth to ensure a fair wage for all interns throughout the Industrial Design industry.
Design, Technology, and Education
When we think if Design and Technology classes back in our school days, many of us will remember building a bird box or designing a clock, using tools such as saws and files, however, only a handful of us may have experienced using CAD, if any at all...
Industry Insight Interview: Start-Ups, Entrepreneu
We took the opportunity to speak to Ian Pilkington, Northern Europe 3DEXPERIENCE Director at Dassault Systèmes about his opinions on the rise of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and disruption.
Buying SOLIDWORKS: Understand Your Ways to Buy
There are two main ways you can purchase your SOLIDWORKS licences; Rental and Perpetual, allowing you to choose the best option for your business. We also offer an additional solution for start-ups and entrepreneurs.
3DEXPERIENCE Start-Up: A Complete Product Developm
With our 3DEXPERIENCE Start-Up Programme, you can harness the power of the 3DEXPERIENCE used by industry leaders such as Renault, Boeing, Airbus and many more at a fraction of the cost.
WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A DISASTER RECOVERYRestoring a Vault from Backup will revert the content of the Vault to the state it was in at the time that Backup was created. Based on the fact that the recovered Vault will only be as good as the last backup, ....
How to Create Animations in SOLIDWORKS
3D animations are a great way to display your designs, no matter what stage of the design process you are at and can provide companies of almost any industry with huge leverage in improving their operational efficiency. Animated marketing videos are ...
Interview: Young Innovator of the Year
GCSE student, Freddie Howells was named this year’s C2I Young Innovator of the Year for his ‘Fall Alert’ device that alerts a family member or carer when an elderly person falls over.
Meggitt has very strict design, test and compliance requirements. When these are spread across a large team based in different locations, document control can become a bit of a nightmare. Discover how ENOVIA helped them streamline this process.
Introducing Innovate UK EDGE
Join us for a live seminar introducing Innovate UK EDGE with guest speaker Nathan March, an Innovation & Growth Specialist within the Innovate UK EDGE.
What's the difference between SOLIDWORKS PDM Stand
SOLIDWORKS offer two core PDM packages: PDM Standard and PDM Professional. The recent release of SOLIDWORKS Manage builds upon the functionality of SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional, but what's the real difference?
What’s New 3DEXPERIENCE Works Design 2022: Februar
Dassault Systèmes has just released their February 3DEXPERIENCE Works release of browser-based design and engineering capabilities which include a range of new functionalities, user assistance and integrations. Let’s take a closer look at the enhance...
PLM vs PDM: What’s the Difference?
How your internal and external teams collaborate during product development will define whether your projects succeed or fail. Technology solutions such as PDM and PLM are there to help ensure each project succeeds by helping you align your product d...
Morgan Motors Accelerate Their Business with 3DEXP
Discover how our Business Transformation team has been supporting Morgan Motor Company as they continue to strive forward and invest in opportunities to protect and improve their profitability, growth, product line and customer experience.
Solid Solutions Engineer Wins Global Modelling Cha
One popular competition that runs every year at 3DEXPERIENCE world is model mania, where SOLIDWORKS users and application engineers from resellers around the globe, compete to prove that they are the fastest SOLIDWORKS modeller out there. This year o...
Top 10 Reasons why CATIA V5 users are moving to th
CATIA, powered by the 3DEXPERIENCE platform, enhances the world-class functionality allowing engineering teams to achieve engineering excellence through its powerful array of social and collaborative 3D modelling and simulation tools
Finding Mass in SOLIDWORKS - Using Mass Properties
With SOLIDWORKS it's simple to calculate properties of your model such as mass, density and volume at any time. In this blog, and accompanying video tutorial, we'll show you how to view these values using the mass properties command and share some ti...
The Imagination Factory
Solid Solutions have been helping the Imagination Factory to design, develop and deliver innovative products and projects using SOLIDWORKS. In addition to this, Solid Solutions have implemented SOLIDWORKS PDM to ensure version control and robust CAD ...
5 Amazing Enhancements in SOLIDWORKS Visualize 202
The new release of SOLIDWORKS Visualize brings a number of brilliant enhancements to performance, functionality, interface design and convenience. Below we've picked our top five and for each one we've created a one minute video to explain all about ...
Design on the go, work with team members around the world, engineer across systems and domains, and effortlessly keep all your data up to date when you switch to 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA
Laser Cut with SOLIDWORKS 2022
Create your own laser cut Christmas decorations with SOLIDWORKS 2022. We had a go ourselves and look how they turned out!
Oxford Space Systems Case Study
Industries are undergoing a state of transformation and disruption across all sectors, and the space industry is no exception. UK-based start-up, Oxford Space Systems, is paving the way for new satellite and antenna technology innovations.
Yawboard: Redefining the Future of Urban Mobility
Yawboard is a team of skateboarders, surfers, and engineers, each with a vision to revolutionise the future of urban transport methods.
SOLIDWORKS 2022 Upgrade FAQ's
SOLIDWORKS 2022 is now available for download but before downloading there are things that may need to be considered before updating your software.
Capital Compactors Case Study
Capital Compactors and Balers are the leading suppliers of waste and recycling solutions in the UK, supporting different sectors throughout the waste industry such as retail, medical and nuclear. Capital Compactors have partnered with Solid Solutions...
Gravity Case Study
Gravity Industries joined our SOLIDWORKS Entrepreneur Programme, which gave them the full suite of tools, they needed to design, conceptualise, and test their iterations before moving to physical prototypes."Being on the entrepreneur programme has be...
2022 Model Mania - Featuring YawBoard
Model Mania is back and even the prize is fast this year. Test your SOLIDWORKS modelling skills against the best in the UK and you could win a YawBoard or SpaceMouse Compact.
Solid Solutions Management Ltd Welcomes DTE
Having acquired several key businesses over the past six years, Solid Solutions now supports a customer community of more than 15,000 UK and Ireland-based customers. These encompass product designers, mechanical engineers, manufacturers, and educatio....
Hybrid modelling SOLIDWORKS 2022
Thanks to the all-new Hybrid mesh modelling features in SOLIDWORKS 2022 you can now directly edit imported mesh bodies as if they were native parts that were designed in SOLIDWORKS. This means that features such as boss extrudes, cuts and fillets can...
No more leaves on the line with PlasmaTrack
Start-up company, PlasmaTrack, are leading the way when it comes to preventing a major source of train disruptions and delays...leaves! During the colder months, railways have the challenge of dealing with wet slippery surfaces from leaves that make ...
Design considerations 3D printing
3D printing is a colloquial term used to generalise a family of additive manufacturing processes. At the consumer level the most common 3D printing process is Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) – a technique whereby thermoplastics are extruded through ...
Is SOLIDWORKS Manage really PDM Premium in disguis
It certainly provides that next tier of capabilities and some! SOLIDWORKS Manage builds on PDM Professional to bring BoM Management, Process Management and Project Management capabilities alongside configurable dashboarding and reporting tools to enh...
Modelling the Rugby Lions Trophy
For our final challenge in our Rugby Lions series Solid Solutions and MECAD are competing to create the best renders of the brand new Rugby Lions Trophy. Check out our trophy showcase animation, created with SOLIDWORKS Visualize, along with our model...
Why Are Businesses Investing In Simulation Tools A
In our first webinar series since Design Rule Ltd. became part of the Solid Solutions Group, we welcome both Design Rule and Solid Solutions customers to this series of webinars focusing on the latest Simulation technology available. Every Wednesday ...
Working from home with your SOLIDWORKS Licences
In the current climate relating to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) there is a growing potential for more people to be temporarily self-isolating or working from home. While this can be inconvenient, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you cannot continue to ...

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