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How to Install SOLIDWORKS

Install, set up and administration guides

How do I install SOLIDWORKS?
Follow our Guides for Installation and Administration
The videos on this page have been created to give you a thorough introduction on how best to set up and administer SOLIDWORKS, covering everything from where to download and install SOLIDWORKS to how best to name your files and what folder structure to use.

Looking for to get going quickly? We suggest watching our five minute installation video and using the buttons below to download our fast install guide PDF and the latest version of the SOLIDWORKS installation manager. If you need help at any point you can contact our support team.
How can I download and install SOLIDWORKS?

Looking to learn how to get SOLIDWORKS installed? This video is the best place to start as it will guide you through the process and cover a few tips and tricks on how to make your installation as robust as possible. It takes you through step by step describing the options in the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager and also covers how to download the files if you are installing the software on multiple machines.

How can I make my computer run SOLIDWORKS efficiently?

Even a brand-new computer may benefit from optimising the settings to help SOLIDWORKS run as efficiently as possible. This video demonstrates the key Graphics card, Power and Windows options that are key to running a high-powered program like SOLIDWORKS smoothly. It also demonstrates how to diagnose errors and identify, download and install the certified graphics card driver for your machine and software version.

How can I manage my SOLIDWORKS Licenses?

Ever wondered what type of licenses there are and how this might affect you? An explanation of licenses is demonstrated in this short video plus a demonstration of how to manually activate and deactivate the licenses if you need to change computers that you ware working on. If you are using SolidNetwork Licensing, you will see how to borrow your license if you need to use it away from the office.

How can I set up and configure the SOLIDWORKS Toolbox?

This video demonstrates the best way to setup and configure the toolbox, and how to maximise its functionality utilising the existing hole wizard tools for automatic placement. SOLIDWORKS Toolbox is a fully integrated library of standard parts that enables the rapid insertion of fixtures and fittings, from your standard nuts and bolts, to circlips and Pemserts. This functionality is available for those who have a Professional or Premium license.

How do I install SOLIDWORKS Visualize?

This video will go through how to install and set up SOLIDWORKS Visualize. Whether you're installing from scratch or needing to find your serial number and modify your current installation. It takes you through step by step describing the options in the SOLIDWORKS installation Manager and how to download the files.

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