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Paul Churm
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Integrating Design Automation:
The Strategic Approach
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Vastly improve lead times, customer experience and quotes with an automated system designed specifically for manufacturers and utilising your CAD data.

With DriveWorks you can quickly implement your own solution to provide 100% accurate quotes, and an online 3D configurator to deliver custom products faster. From DriveWorks Xpress, included in every license of SOLIDWORKS, to DriveWorks Pro – you can take design automation as far as you want.

DriveWorks is all about improving business processes to benefit your designers, sales team, distributors, and customer experience. Join us in this session as we review the best methods for integrating design automation and share our advice.

Rich Earley
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Why Go Pro?
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Join us and look at how SOLIDWORKS Visualize Pro can accelerate the launch of a product in today’s environment with photo-quality imagery, interactive animations, and 360-degree spins, all using your existing CAD data. Utilise camera animations and one-click 360-degree spins to show off design and engineering solutions, helping to describe complex features and ultimately sell more products and ideas.

Adam Humphries
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SWOOD Portfolio Introduction
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In this Webinar, we will be introducing the woodworking add on to SOLIDWORKS called SWOOD. Looking for the next big step in CAD for the furniture industry then come see how SWOOD and SOLIDWORKS could work for you. Streamline your business with workflows that are more efficient, more accurate and integrated links between design and manufacture.

Pete Harkness / Alex Hall
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Predicting Plastic Flow in Injection Moulding
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Here we will be looking at predicting just how melted plastic flows during the injection moulding process of your designs and how we can test virtually to predict and prevent manufacturing defects. Results can help to guide decisions at the earliest stages of the plastic part and injection mould design cycle whilst designing plastic parts and moulds of improved quality.

Jon Doyle / Alex Hall
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Flow Essentials:
An Introduction to CFD
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CFD or computational fluid dynamic allows you to virtually evaluate fluid flow, heat transfer and fluid forces. These factors can be particularly hard to test in real life and even harder to represent visually.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation is integrated seamlessly into SOLIDWORKS CAD and enables you to run 'what if' studies in realistic test environments. Clear visual representations of results and the ability to compare studies helps you to helps you to make the best design decisions and get optimal performance out of your products.

In this webcast we will walk through a simple project from start to finish and cover the fundamental concepts and features behind SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.

Jon Doyle
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Replicating Physical Tests: Strength and Fatigue
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Simulation tools can be used to replicate a variety of physical tests and predict how parts will perform. These test can help you to make intelligent design decisions, reduce the material required and reduce the risk of failure. Although physical testing is still required for many applications, virtual tests can dramatically speed up development and reduce the number of prototype iterations, leading to cost savings and a faster time to market. In this webcast we'll be covering some of the most common tests that are run on parts - Strength and Fatigue.

Jon Doyle
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Why are some Businesses Investing In Simulation Tools and What Stops Others?
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In this webinar, we will discuss the main reasons why many businesses have invested in Simulation tools as a key part of their R & D process. We will hear directly from our customers on the benefits they have gained with this technology. We will also discuss what issues prevent businesses from adopting these tools and what can be done to overcome those barriers.

Lauren McClelland
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Take the Frustration out of Electrical Schematic Design
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In this session we will show how using SOLIDWORKS Electrical can reduce the manual work, time and cost required to generate your schematics and how it makes your life easier by addressing these common challenges:

  • Too much time spent searching for or creating symbols.
  • A requirement to manually update wiring lists, BoMs and terminal drawings after a schematic change.
  • Starting each project from scratch due to diffulty reusing data from previous projects.
  • Unsynchronised data, unclear file ownership and lost files.
  • A disconnect with other electrical engineers in the team and mechanical department.
Business Transformation Team
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Be more Competitive with Lightweight Engineering
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In industries where every millisecond and/or gram counts, there is a persistent need to minimise part weight and maximise stiffness and performance, all while reducing cost and material wastage. Designers must push past conventional ways of working to think outside the box. Meeting customer demands is imperative which means innovating one concept at a time is no longer a sustainable method.

This webinar will show you how can be more competitive by using Lightweight Engineering technologies to find the right balance in reducing weight, cost and material usage and maintaining or increasing strength, stability and safety.

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