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Rental Licencing


What is Rental Licencing?
Rental licencing is a fantastic opportunity for individuals or companies to gain access to the latest products in the SOLIDWORKS suite with lower upfront costs, when compared to the standard perpetual licence.

As rental licencing is based on a subscription service, you can benefit from greater flexibility, as well as the ability to mix and match products as and when you need them, to cope with demand and changing workloads, meaning that you only have to pay for what you need. You can choose between 3 or 12 month rental agreements and gain full access to same superb technical assistance we offer.

This method is ideal for companies that need to maximise their cash flow, with a flexible and affordable solution that is easy to manage.

Ways Rental Licencing could help your business

Rental vs Perpetual SOLIDWORKS Licence
Different Rental Options
Having two flexible rental lengths is greatly beneficial for companies and individuals with temporary or exploratory needs.
Lower Upfront Cost
Rental licences are more budget-friendly with substantially lower upfront costs.
Mix and Match Product Options
Our rental licencing offer is available on almost all of the products in the SOLIDWORKS portfolio, allowing you to be agile and adjust to your needs as required.
Flexible and Scalable Solution
Rental Licencing accommodates fluctuating workloads and workforces, allowing companies to better prioritise product needs with project schedules.
Support and Subscription Benefits
Rental licence users will receive same support and subscription benefits as perpetual users.
Things to consider before choosing your licencing option
Cost of Ownership
If you're unsure whether to rental or perpetual licence is right for you then we suggest that you consider the costs of Perpetual vs Renting over time.
Changing Workloads or Need?
Do your workloads or needs change dramatically from project to project? If this is the case rental licencing might be beneficial to you.
Cash Flow
Start-ups, makers, individuals and small business often have cash flow constraints. Making the smaller upfront cost of rental could be ideal for your business.
Flexible and scalable
Do you have a fluctuating workforces with turnover and temporary employees, contractors or interns. With 3 or 12 month rentals, you can downsize or increase as needed.
Frequently Asked Questions
Which SOLIDWORKS Products is Rental licencing available for?
Our rental licencing offer is available on almost all of the products in the SOLIDWORKS portfolio. Perfect for mixing and matching for projects and temporary or exploratory needs.
What services and level of support do SOLIDWORKS Rental licence customers get access to?
SOLIDWORKS Rental Licence customers have access to the same benefits and services as SOLIDWORKS subscription customers: Technical support, knowledge base, software upgrades and enhancements, customer portal and My.SOLIDWORKS. But please note: these benefits are applicable only for the length of the rental period.
Is rental licencing available to both new and existing SOLIDWORKS customers?
Yes. Renting SOLIDWORKS licences is available to all new and existing SOLIDWORKS customers.
Are rental licences transferable between machines?
Yes. The transfer process is similar to Perpetual assets.
Are SOLIDWORKS rental licenced products available on SNL (SOLIDWORKS Network Licence)?
With the exception of the SOLIDWORKS Manage CAD Editor, all products are available as standalone only.
What are the rental period options?
Software rental licenced products are available in 3-month or 12-month periods.
Can you use a perpetual licences with rental Add-in products?
Yes. You can run a rental add-in products on perpetual licence of and similarly you can run perpetual add-in products on a SOLIDWORKS rental licence if the add-in is licenced independently.
Can you convert a rental licence to a perpetual licence?
No. Rental licences only grant access to SOLIDWORKS software for a specific period of time and they cannot be converted to a perpetual licence.
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