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Solid Solutions is operating as normal so to contact a member of the team to get a Subscriptions Quotation you can just call 01 297 4440 or alternatively, you can complete a web request form HERE.
Recent Webcasts - Recordings

Introduction to SWOOD
Beginner / All
A Guide to Designing for Additive Manufacturing
Beginner / Intermediate
Exploring Design Automation with DriveWorks: Part 1
Beginner / Intermediate
Exploring Design Automation with DriveWorks: Part 2
Beginner / Intermediate
First Look: Introduction to SOLIDWORKS CAM
Beginner / All
How 3D printing can help in the current climate
Beginner / All
Introduction to SolidCAM
Beginner / All
What’s the best 3D Printer?
Beginner / All
3D Digital Selling - Powered by DriveWorks
Intermediate / Advanced
Free Certification Schedule - Solid Solutions Customers Only
While the lockdown continues we have teamed up with SOLIDWORKS to provide FREE access to SOLIDWORKS Certification for our customers. These webcasts are designed to help you prepare for taking the exam itself. At each event we will issue a voucher code to attendees allowing them access to the exam, which needs to be taken within 72 hours. Invitations to attend these events will be emailed to customers in the lead up to the scheduled date. If you are a Solid Solutions customer and have not had an registration invitation by email 48 hours before the scheduled event date then please email - (please wait until the certification webinar is within 48 hours before requesting a registration link.)

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