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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.


Software for metal, wood, plastic & sheet metal

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Take a closer look at the capabilities and functionality of three leading CAM software choices for metal.
SWOOD makes woodworking simple, from design to manufacture, learn more about SWOOD's capabilities.
Sheet Metal
Discover how our nesting solutions can help reduce waste and improve efficiency when cutting sheet metal.
View our recommended solutions for plastics that make it simple to machine plastics panels or to make moulds.
What Is CAM and How Can It Help Me Manufacture?
Drive a range of CNC machines directly from your CAD data
Computer Aided Manufacturing is the processes of creating components from a digital design with a machine controlled by software.

CAM can be used in a wide variety in machining applications from milling machines and lathes to press brakes, laser cutters, waterjets and routers.

All these machines need a specific toolkit to operate efficiently and with our range of solutions and experienced team we can help you make the most out of your machines whilst being fully embedded with SOLIDWORKS.


Manufacturing Products

Create complex toolpaths automatically from your part geometry, simulate them to ensure perfect operation and more!
Quickly take your products from design to manufacture.
Sheet Metal
See how you can nest components optimally with tools from Sigma.
Streamline the machining process of plastic components & moulds.
3D Printing & Scanning
Discover our range of 3D printers & scanners by visiting Solid Print3D.
Robust solution with great flexibility for skilled machinists.
Ideal for new users with a simple four step workflow.
SWOOD Design
Efficiently create furniture and point of sale equipment.
Dedicated CAM software for woodworking saws and routers.
SWOOD Nesting
Nest metal efficiently to improve output and minimise scrap.
Nest metal efficiently to maximise output and minimise scrap.
Simplify tube cutting with one button toolpath generation.
Generate NC files from CAD ready for DSTV machining.
3D Printers
Discover the perfect 3D printer for your business.
3D Scanners
Capture accurate CAD data quickly with affordable scanners
Desktop CNC
Explore our range of desktop cnc machines.
Water Jet Cutters
Discover the benefits of Wazer water jet cutters.

"SWOOD removes a lot of the manual intervention which eliminates or can reduce human error within data. Data has become more accurate, more consistent throughout the business as well, which obviously helps within other departments. Plus, the training and support we’ve had has been fantastic.”

Dean Allen
Production Engineering Manager at Utopia Bathrooms

A team you can rely on

Delivering great service to our customers is our highest priority, and we’re proud to have earned the trust of our user base. We use Feefo (the global feedback engine) to gather certified genuine reviews from our customers and use them to improve our offerings.

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Meet the Manufacturing Leadership Team

Nick Jones

Manufacturing Manager

Nick uses his years of experience dealing with the practical, virtual and business aspects of manufacturing to guide the team.

Tom Buxton

Manu. Technical Manager

An expert in CAM integration into SOLIDWORKS, Tom has over a decade of experience in this sector.

Adam Humphries

Woodworking Product Manager

Adam has been at the forefront of woodworking technology integrated into SOLIDWORKS since its inception.

Get the Most From Your Software

Whether you need help with your first CNC project or guidance on refining your manufacturing process, our consultancy services can help streamline the use of CAM within your business.

Our consultancy does not stop there, our team of engineers can also help you to get the most out of your CNC machines by offering post processor writing services to ensure a strong link between CAM and CNC and maximising your efficiency.
Technical Support
Get help from our Support Team
Just getting started, or feeling a little rusty? Our friendly support team will be eager to assist you. There is no such thing as a silly question, so even if you just want a bit of reassurance please get in touch.

Support is not only there for you when there is an error, utilise our knowledge and experience to develop yours. Our support team aims to answer your calls within 20 seconds, so you can get help fast!
Expert Training
World class SOLIDWOKRS training
We offer a wide selection of training courses for manufacturing delivered by friendly and highly qualified instructors. We run SOLIDWORKS certified manufacturing partner product training courses for SolidCAM, SWOOD and SigmaNEST.

Visit our training pages to learn more about the manufacturing courses we offer, view the full agenda for each course, and see the upcoming schedule.
Stay up to Date
Better knowledge leads to better outputs and efficiency, so we make application proficiency and software skills development a key focus of our customer support program.

All you want to know, in the way that suits you best. We regularly produce new tutorial videos, run webcasts and host free live events. These help you to keep your skills sharp, and to get the most out of new features.
Did you know...?
Tip of the Month | Add detail to your SWOOD operations by attaching PDFs

Did you know that you can add PDFs to all of your machining operations to provide great detail on what the operation does which tool it uses and any other data that you can include in a PDF document i.e. pictures and graphics?

To add this simply right click an operation and select the “Edit” option. In the right-hand side of the screen there is a unique 36-character ID number for each operation.

Once you know the ID name close the dialog and head over to the folder called: “Machining” in your Swood Data folder. In here you will find the matching ID number in the form of an .efieu file. Right click to use the rename feature in windows and copy the ID number minus the file extension to save typing the whole name.

Now if you save a PDF in the same location with the same name as the ID back in Swood you will be able to right click and select the “Show PDF” option so all uses can find out more detail on this operation at a glance.

Want to Know More?

Frequently Asked Questions
What is CAD and CAM?
Computer aided design (CAD) allows you to create 3D models for products and prototypes. The 3D models are then given to a computer aided machining (CAM) package to apply cutter paths so the product can be cut from a piece of material on a computer numeric control (CNC) machine.

SOLIDWORKS features industry standard design tools that make 3D model generation effortless, and with the SolidCAM add-in, toolpaths can be added directly to the model in the same environment allowing you to get GCode to your machine in minutes.
What is the difference between CAD and CAM?
CAD (computer aided design) is used to create 3D models of products or prototypes whereas CAM (computer aided machining) uses a 3D model to create cutter paths for a CNC machine to cut out the 3D models shape from a piece of material.

Even though CAD and CAM are different toolsets SOLIDWORKS allows you to use them together as one. This simplifies your manufacturing by everything being within one file and one interface.
What is the difference between CAD, CAM and CNC?
CNC stands for computer numeric control and is used to describe a machine that is controlled by code. Often this code is referred to as G Code or Iso Code. Using CAD (computer aided design) and CAM (computer aided machining) we can create a 3D model and tool paths to remove unwanted material. A post processor is then used to convert this information into GCode for a CNC machine.
What is the best CAM software for CNC?
SolidCAM is a perfect CAM solution for users that work with SOLIDWORKS or non-native 3D cad. Being embedded inside SOLIDWORKS you can leverage not only the industry leading CAD package with excellent tools that deal with non-native cad effortlessly but you also get a comprehensive CAM package which has the leading roughing strategy, iMachining.
What is a post processor?
A post processor converts a CAM systems toolpath co-ordinates into a language that your CNC machine can interpret into machine movement.
What is CAD used for in manufacturing?
SOLIDWORKS is the industry standard CAD tool, it enables you to realize your ideas as 3D models.

From here SOLIDWORKS’ fully integrated CAM tools can create toolpaths directly onto your model and generate the NC code required for manufacturing, helping you to machine what you need with ease.
What are the advantages of using CAM?
Using SolidCAM instead of programming on the machine is a huge benefit for you. Not only this we can create complex toolpaths quickly and easily. Toolpaths can also update automatically with design changes. In addition to this in-built simulation can ensure that we cut first time right and that we do not gouge the part we want to make.

If this wasn’t enough SolidCAM’s iMachining can reduce cycle times by over 75% compare to traditional roughing strategies.
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To speak to someone about our manufacturing products, please call 01 297 4440 or complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

If you have questions about 3D printers, scanners or desktop manufacturing please contact Solid Print3D here.

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