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How to Find Your SOLIDWORKS Serial Number or License Key

Monday June 10, 2024 at 8:00am

Regardless of your need, it’s easy to find your SOLIDWORKS serial number or SOLIDWORKS license key.

Whether you’ve lost your purchase confirmation email, or are simply curious, this is a common question our Technical Support team gets.

Each SOLIDWORKS product can have their own license key. The following guide applies to SOLIDWORKS standalone licenses, but you can check for multi-product licenses through the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

There are a few ways to locate your SOLIDWORKS serial number if you have a standalone SOLIDWORKS license, and we’ll show you how to navigate to and find your SOLIDWORKS serial number quickly.


  1. Where to find your SOLIDWORKS Serial Number
  2. How to find a SOLIDWORKS serial number without opening SOLIDWORKS
  3. How to get a SOLIDWORKS license key


SOLIDWORKS serial numbers and can be found within your SOLIDWORKS session under the Help menu.

  2. In SOLIDWORKS 2020 and beyond, click the ? button in the top right corner and then About SOLIDWORKS from the menu.

    To find an older SOLIDWORKS serial number in versions below 2020, click on the Help menu then About SOLIDWORKS, the process is effectively the same.

  3. A dialog pop up then shows the installed version of SOLIDWORKS as well as the major release and service pack installed. e.g. SOLIDWORKS Premium 2024 SP1
  4. Select Show Serial Number to reveal the serial number.
  5. IMPORTANT: Your serial number is your access key to SOLIDWORKS. Keep it safe and never give it out to anyone other than your Technical Support team.

If you still can’t find your SOLIDWORKS serial number, then be sure to give our team a call on 01926 333 777 or drop an email to


SOLIDWORKS serial numbers can also be located without even opening SOLIDWORKS.

The SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager stores all your license keys for any installed SOLIDWORKS product (e.g. SOLIDWORKS Visualize or SOLIDWORKS Electrical) within it.

  1. Search for Programs and Features in the Windows Start menu.
  2. Click on SOLIDWORKS in the list and select Modify to open the Installation Manager.
  3. Choose to Modify your installation and click Next to proceed to the license page.
  4. Add, remove, copy or note down any licences visible and keep them safe.

For more experienced users, the Windows Registry provides access to SOLIDWORKS serial numbers.

NOTE: Modifying the Windows registry can be a risky operation when you don’t know what you are doing.

This may be controlled by your Administrator as it contains all the settings and data that programs on your PC require to run, so we urge caution when accessing and modifying it.

  1. Search for regedit.exe in the Windows Start menu
  2. Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\SolidWorks\Licenses\Serial Numbers

Your SOLIDWORKS license number will be stored within this folder under the data header for the SOLIDWORKS entry.

Be aware that incorrect modifications can result in irreparable changes to the system or application, so we recommend that only a professional SOLIDWORKS Engineer carries out the operation.

If you are unsure, call our team on 01926 333 777 or get in touch today.

What is the SOLIDWORKS Registry?

Discover the Windows Registry, access SOLIDWORKS licenses and learn how to perform your SOLIDWORKS registry resets safely in this short walkthrough guide.

Access and modify your SOLIDWORKS registry easily and protect yourself against making dangerous and costly mistakes.


SOLIDWORKS serial numbers can only be obtained through a Value Added Reseller (VAR).

Our customers trust Solid Solutions to deliver high quality Technical Support and provide reliable solutions to minimise any downtime that may result from software or hardware performance issues.

If you are interested in getting your own copy of SOLIDWORKS, then get in touch with our team or get a free trial and download SOLIDWORKS today.

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