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The TriMech Group offers a comprehensive portfolio of engineering and design software, hardware, professional services, and support, to clients accross the globe. Use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.




Explore our Training Courses

The training courses we offer can benefit everybody, from complete beginners right through to experienced CAD users. Explore all of our courses below, and click on each to learn more about them and book your next course!
  • Visualisation
  • Simulation
  • Data Management
  • Documentation
  • Manufacturing
  • Electrical
  • Partner Products
  • API
4 Days
A comprehensive introductory course that develops skills for day-to-day modelling in SOLIDWORKS.
3 Days
Discover how to set up custom drawing borders and learn advanced documentation techniques.
3 Days
Advanced Part Modelling
A must for product designers! Model more complex shapes and discover the benefits of multibody parts.
3 Days
Assembly Modelling
Learn how to automate assemblies with configurations, analyse performance and manage large assemblies.
2 Days
Surface Modelling
Create ergonomic and organic forms, repair geometry, and learn advanced surfacing techniques.
2 Days
Discover the sheet metal tools and how to generate, modify, and export flat patterns for manufacture.
2 Days
Erect wooden structures, welded steel sections, and discover how to create custom profiles to suit your stock.
2 Days
Mould Tooling Design
Learn to design and refine cores and cavities with precision in this SOLIDWORKS mould tooling course.
2 Days
Create dynamic animations for documentation, review, or marketing with SOLIDWORKS and SOLIDWORKS Visualize.
2 Days
Pipe & Tube Routing
Discover methods for rapidly routing pipes and tubing with the SOLIDWORKS Routing add-in.
2 Days
Electrical Routing
Discover the SOLIDWORKS component libraries and create parts lists and wiring diagrams for assembly and manufacture.
4 Days
Got a few dusty SOLIDWORKS shortcuts in your locker? The ideal recap for users with previous SOLIDWORKS experience.
1 Day
SOLIDWORKS for Educators 1
Aimed at equipping educators with the skills and confidence required to teach the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS.
4 Days
SOLIDWORKS for Educators 2
Advancing the confidence and skills of educators for more complex design challenges.
1 Day
Discover efficient workflows for using the 3DEXPERIENCE platform alongside SOLIDWORKS.
1 Day
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Standard
Learn how to create custom appearances and produce photorealistic images for product catalogues and marketing.
1 Day
SOLIDWORKS Visualize Professional
Discover dynamic animations, advanced lighting techniques, and learn how to add more realism to renders.
1 Day
Simulation Fundamentals
An introduction to statics calculations, Finite Element Analysis and SOLIDWORKS Simulation.
3 Days
Learn to predict product performance with SOLIDWORKS FEA Simulation for structural analysis.
2 Days
Motion Simulation
Simulate the effect of gravity, movement, and interactions between components with SOLIDWORKS Motion.
2 Days
Simulation Professional
Advance your understanding of SOLIDWORKS Simulation for deeper structural analysis.
2 Days
Simulation Premium Dynamics
Assess the impact of vibration, dynamic loading, damping, and excitation on components.
2 Days
Simulation Premium Non-Linear
Assess the non-linear behaviours associated with rubber, composites, and large displacements.
3 Days
SOLIDWORKS CFD Flow Simulation
Learn how to perform computation fluid dynamics analysis within SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation.
1 Day
Plastics Standard Simulation
Simulate early stages of the injection moulding proces to improve performance.
2 Days
Plastics Pro & Premium Simulation
Learn to predict plastic part design performance from initial fill to part ejection.
2 Days
PDM Standard
The course content is aimed at the system administrator, and will cover the capabilities of the PDM Standard system.
3 Days
PDM Professional
Learn about workflows, variable mapping, and template creation to configure SOLIDWORKS PDM Pro.
2 Days
Develop the fundamental skills and concepts required to administrate SOLIDWORKS Manage effectively.
2 Days
Learn how to create high quality vector images, animated assembly sequences, and fully interactive documents.
1 Day
Learn how to automate the creation of ballooned drawings and inspection reports with SOLIDWORKS Inspection.
1 Day
Develop your drawingless manufacture skills to produce 3D PDFs and eDrawings files with optimal GD&T presentation.
3 Days
Electrical Schematics
Create electrical schematics and wiring diagrams using the extensive library and verification tools.
1 Day
SOLIDWORKS Electrical 3D
Accurately design products requiring electrical systems for power, control safety and data acquisition.
1 Day
3D Printing with SLA
Learn how to operate Formlabs SLA printers and optimise your setup for the best 3D print.
1 Day
3D Printing with FDM
Learn to prepare and print with FDM printers, and apply finishing touches to the printed models.
1 Day
Design for Additive Manufacture
Build on the SOLIDWORKS Essentials course with techniques to design for 3D printing.
2 Days
CAD Essentials for CAM Users
This no-nonsense course teaches you exactly the skills you need to use CAM software effectively.
2 Days
SolidCAM 2.5D CNC Milling
Introduction to the basic concepts of 2.5D machining and interface of SolidCAM for efficient manufacture.
1 Day
Introduction to the basics of the programming 2.5D parts with pocket, drill, and edge deburring recognition.
2 Days
SolidCAM 3D High Speed Milling
Learn the fundamental skills required to perform 3D High Speed Milling in SolidCAM.
1 Day
SolidCAM iMachining
Learn the basics of the SolidCAM iMachining module and program manufacturing processes.
1 Day
SolidCAM High Speed Surfacing
This course builds on the SolidCAM module HSR/HSM basics to add further control of your programming.
1 Day
SolidCAM 4-Axis Machining
SolidCAM 4-Axis machining makes the most of 3-axis machines with simultaneous rotary capabilities.
1 Day
SolidCAM 5-Axis Machining
Develop your skills for complete control over all aspects of tool path and collision checking.
1 Day
SolidCAM Turning
Introduction to basic concepts of turning and interface of SolidCAM for efficient manufacturing.
1 Day
SolidCAM Advanced Mill-Turn
Discover more complex techniques involved with turning and further your knowledge of SolidCAM.
3 Days
SWOOD Design
Learn how to develop furniture designs and build an intelligent library of panels, frames, connectors, and boxes.
2 Days
Prepare parts for manufacture with a range of different machining operations in SWOOD CAM.
2 Days
Discover nesting procedures, importing and editing files, as well as advanced nesting options.
2 Days
A comprehensive introduction to SOLIDWORKS CAM and the basic principles behind Milling and the Tech DB.
2 Days
This course expands your CAM abilities to work with assembly files and Volumill for complex 3D shapes.
2 Days
CAMWorks 3 Axis
Build on the SOLIDWORKS CAM training course and delve deeper into 3-axis toolpath generation.
2 Days
CAMWorks 4 & 5 Axis
Building on the CAMWorks courses, we'll introduce you to techniques used in simultaneous 5 axis machining.
2 Days
CAMWorks Mill-Turn
Learn how to setup and use features for a mill-turn setup and combine milling and turning within CAMWorks.
2 Days
DraftSight 2D CAD
A comprehensive introduction to 2D CAD focusing on the basics of model and sheet space, drawings, and geometry manipulation.
1 Day
DriveWorks Solo
A hands-on introduction to the creation, administration, and running of DriveWorks Solo projects.
2 Days
DriveWorks Pro Essentials
A hands-on introduction to the creation, administration, and running of DriveWorks Pro projects.
1 Day
DriveWorks Pro Advanced
Discover more advanced techniques and features within DriveWorks Pro for design automation.
2 Days
DriveWorks Sales Configurator
Learn how to create your own custom configurators and automate your business processes.
2 Days
During this training course you will cover all aspect of the flattening process using ExactFlat.
2 Days
Learn how to generate all the pipework for your systems driven by P&ID files for Smap3D.
2 Days
Smap3D P&ID
Create diagrams for general systems as well as more specialised items such as Sub-Drawings and Unit Drawings.
2 Days
Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS
Learn how to work with scan data and discover the basic workflows and commands of the G4SW add-in.
3 Days
Geomagic Design X
Discover essential techniques for working with scan data to generate 3D models with positive design intent.
1 Day
Learn how to use the Magnetic & Electric Field Modelling and Simulation tools and interpret results.
2 Days
Learn the various flattening, nesting, or die Simulation operations relevant to your processes.
2 Days
API Fundamentals
Upon successful completion of this course, you'll be able to program part, assembly, and drawing automation.
2 Days
API Advanced
This course covers advanced topics using VB.Net to customise the SOLIDWORKS User Interface and adding notifications.
4 Hours
Introduction to the 3DEXPERIENCE Platform
Discover how to navigate the platform, manage documents & content, search and collaborate effectively.
3 Days
3DEXPERIENCE for Surface Designers
Discover how to create curves and surfaces, assemble, re-limit and connect geometries smoothly through wireframe analysis.
3 Days
Mechanical & Surface Designer 3DEXPERIENCE Transition
Take your CATIA V5 skills to the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with this comprehensive training course.
5 Days
Learn the basics of modelling parts, designing assemblies, and drafting in 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA along with an introduction to PLM.
4 Days
Model complex designs, and learn to reuse data to design effectively in the 3DEXPERIENCE platform.
5 Days
CATIA V5 Foundation
Learn the basics of modelling parts, designing assemblies, and drafting in CATIA V5 along with an introduction to connected PLM tools.
4 Days
CATIA V5 Foundation Plus
Model complex designs from specifications and learn to reuse data to design effectively in CATIA V5.
2 Days
CATIA V5 Interrogators Training
Learn to interrogate and capture information from existing parts, drawings and assemblies using CATIA V5.
3 Days
CATIA V5 Surface Design
Learn how to analyse wireframe and surface quality, repair defects and work in a multi-model environment with published surfaces.
2 Days
CATIA V5 Expert Surface Design
Learn advanced surface creation, quality checking and correction techniques in a multi-model environment.
5 Days
CATIA V5 Composite Design & Manufacturing Prep
Learn composite part design, grid approach, manufacturing document creation, and data synchronisation in this comprehensive course.
4 Days
CATIA V5 Electrical
Master electrical design, device catalog creation, harness routing, and flattening with this comprehensive CATIA V5 Electrical training course.
4 Days
3DEXPERIENCE CATIA Electrical Designer
Develop electrical designs in 3D on the 3DEXPERIENCE platform with this comprehensive 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA Electrical training course.
5 Days
CATIA V5 Machining
Learn basic and advanced machining techniques to create programs, simulate, and delve into 3-axis and advanced multi-axis machining.
1 Day
CATIA V5 Surfacing for Machining
Discover how to create wireframes and surfaces, and how to apply these techniques to preparing models for machining.
2 Days
CATIA Composer
Master 3D model manipulation in CATIA Composer and learn to capture views, annotate, change rendering, create illustrations, images, animations, and publish.
3 Days
CATIA V5 Finite Element Analysis
Challenge your products and predict product performance with CATIA V5 and Finite Element Analysis techniques.
2 Days
CATIA V5 3D Functional Tolerancing and Annotation
Learn 3D part annotation, including creating planes, managing 3D annotations, generating 3D views, and annotating assemblies in CATIA V5.
2 Days
3DEXPERIENCE CATIA 3D Functional Tolerancing and Annotation
Learn 3D part annotation, including creating planes, managing 3D annotations, generating 3D views, and annotating assemblies in 3DEXPERIENCE CATIA.
2 Days
CATIA V5 Generative Sheetmetal Design
Bend, stamp and press your way to mastering sheet metal designing in CATIA V5 to produce flat patterns and detailed drawings.
3 Days
CATIA V5 Administration
Learn how to install CATIA V5 and its service packs, manage licenses, environments and standards.
4 Days
CATIA V5 Automation
Learn how to create automation scripts, programs and macros in CATIA V5 using Visual Basic and discover the Visual Basic routing that is specific to CATIA V5.
1 Day
CATIA V5 Digital Mock-Up (DMU) Navigator
Manipulate Digital Mock-ups in an engineering review scenario and learn how to create simulations for presenting new concepts and ideas.
3 Days
Complete DMU (DMB, DMN, SPA)
Discover how to visualize and inspect a complex assembly in order to investigate problem areas and highlight critical points.
1 Day
CATIA V5 Digitised Shape Editor
Learn how to create meshes and extract characteristic curves from the data in this Reverse Engineering-focused training course.
2 Days
CATIA V5 Kinematics
Design mechanisms from assemblies, simulate and analyse interactions and clashes to determine product performance.
1 Day
CATIA V5 Quick Surface Reconstruction
Learn to use CATIA features in the Quick Surface Reconstruction (QSR) workbench during the Reverse Engineering phase to create surfaces using Point Cloud data.
1 Day
CATIA V5 Functional Molded Parts
Create mould tooling, cores and cavities in this comprehensive CATIA V5 course for creating moulded components.
2 Days
CATIA V5 FreeStyle Shaper
Learn how to create flawless, styled shapes from scratch with complex curves, surfaces and digitised data while analysing and improving the quality of existing curves and surfaces.
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