Metal Manufacturing

What Versions of SolidCAM are there?
Modules allow you to get exactly the functionality you need
SolidCAM is a comprehensive CAM solution that allows you to machine with high precision and control. From simple 2.5 axis work to complex mill turn SolidCAM's modular approach allows you to pick the toolpath you want for the geometry needed to be machined.

With SolidCAM you can also utilise iMachining which has been proven to reduce cycle times by upto 80%. This roughing strategy takes your material, tool and machine into consideration to minimise cycle times and maximise output all within a simple interface.
SolidCAM Milling
SolidCAM's milling capability is extensive. Allowing users to reduce cycle times with imachining and create complex 5 axis toolpaths all within a simple interface
SolidCAM MillTurn
SolidCAM's millturn functionality allows the ability to synchronise jobs between turrets and spindles as well as applying all he intricacies of milling and turning at once
SolidCAM SwissTurn
SolidCAM has developed a specialist set of tools built off its mill turn ability to streamline the process of Swiss type machining, minimising the complexities in the path to production

SolidCAM Module Options

2.5D Milling
  • Positional 5 Axis Machining
  • Pocketing, Profiling, Facing, Slotting, Drilling and Threadmilling
Automatic Feature Recognition
  • Pocket Recognition
  • Drill Recognition
  • Edge-Break Recognition
  • Hole Wizard Recognition
High Speed Roughing and Milling
  • Turbo HSR including Hatching, Contour and Rest roughing strategies
  • HSR including Contour, Hatching, Rib, Hybrid and Rest roughing strategies
  • Turbo HSM in Constant Z, Linear, Constant Step Over, Pencil and combination finishing strategies
  • HSM including Constant Z, Helical, Horizontal, Linear, Radial, Spiral, Morphed, Rest, Constant Stepover, Corner Offset and Pencil finishing strategies
  • 2.5D imachining
  • 3D prismatic imachining
  • 3D imachining
Simultaenous 5 Axis Milling
  • Multiaxis Drilling
  • SWARF Milling
  • Simultaneous 5x Roughing and Finishing
  • Screw Machining
  • Multiblade Machining
  • Port Machining
  • Geodesic Machining
  • Contour and Edge Breaking and Edge Trimming
Channel Synchronisation
  • Facing, Grooving, Threading, Cut off and Profile Turning
  • Simultaneous Tilted Turning
  • Trochoidal Turning
  • Balanced Roughing
  • Channel Synchronisation
Milling Probing
  • Ability to use probe tools and create toolpaths
  • Use probe cycles to find Bore, Corners, Cylinders, Depth levels and Web sizes
  • Datum shifting co-ordinate systems and measurements from probe results
Eureka Gcode Verification
  • Simulation of produced G Code on a virtual replica of a machine
  • Gouge detection and machine collision reporting
  • Gcode modification and resimulation
  • Mcode and cycle support

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