How to Change a SOLIDWORKS Serial Number

Sunday January 1, 2023 at 10:00am

SOLIDWORKS serial numbers can be changed through the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.

At some point in your design journey, you may need to add a SOLIDWORKS Visualize licence to a PC or switch between a SOLIDWORKS Standard, Professional, or Premium licence.

Whatever your reason for changing your SOLIDWORKS serial number, our simple guide will help you to change and add SOLIDWORKS serial numbers.


Here’s a step-by-step guide to changing your SOLIDWORKS serial number:

  1. Begin by deactivating the license from the computer.
  2. Inside SOLIDWORKS, go to Help > Licenses > Deactivate.
  3. Follow the Wizard until the process succeeds.
  4. Close any/all open instances of SOLIDWORKS.
  5. Open the Windows Start menu and type ‘Add or Remove’. Choose to open the Add or Remove Programs system settings from the search results.
  6. Select SOLIDWORKS from the list of programs and click Modify to open the SOLIDWORKS Installation Manager.
  7. In the Installation Manager, select Modify your installation and click Next.
  8. Change the serial numbers as required on this page then click Next, and allow SOLIDWORKS to install whatever extras it requires.
  9. Click through Next until the final page where you can click Modify Now.
  10. The Serial number which this computer is associated to for SOLIDWORKS has now been changed.

This process is applicable to standalone installations only. For help with SNL and admin image installations, please get in touch with our expert Technical Support team.

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