Can SOLIDWORKS PDM automate approval?
Accelerate the process

Reduce time wasted on the often impractical paper signature with SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional workflow capabilities. Use system tools to electronically automate the circulation and approval of documents, which accelerates the process, especially when approvers are located in different geographic locations.

Automatically Notify Approvals and Rejections:

As well as enabling approvals, SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional can automatically notify appropriate users as approvals and rejections pass through the system increasing efficiency. Double electronic systems are also supported for regulatory compliance via the electronic workflow.
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Electronic Signature features include:
  • Automatic File Attribution Update:Electronic workflow actions can be used to update file attributes as well as custom property information and drawing title block features to automatically update with electronic signatures for approval. Signatures, approval and updates can be applied regardless of access to the SOLIDWORKS CAD software
  • Double Electronic Signature: Meet regulatory compliance requirements for double electronic signature, required by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), by simply setting up the workflow so that the signatory must enter his/her password a second time in order to execute a process or change approval. This stops any unauthorised users from approving files on an unattended computer, providing a full audit trail history of the double signature.

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