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What will students get from SOLIDWORKS?
Creating their first CAD model

SOLIDWORKS Education Edition gives students the power to realize their ideas by giving them access to a range of powerful engineering and design applications.

A range of training material is available that can help teachers take their students from creating their first CAD model to achieving their SOLIDWORKS certifications.

With SOLIDWORKS skills and qualifications students will have a clear advantage in the engineering or industrial design job markets.

How can students access SOLIDWORKS outside of the classroom?

Schools and universities that have purchased SOLIDWORKS Education Edition can provide access to students so that they can install SOLIDWORKS on their own machines. For full details view our SOLIDWORKS Student Access Initiative page.

Alternatively, high school and degree-seeking students or full-time faculty members can purchase a personal copy of SOLIDWORKS Student Edition for personal learning or academic purposes. This version comes with restrictions and we advise that you only purchase it if you cannot use SOLIDWORKS through the Student Access Initiative.

What support is available for SOLIDWORKS Education Edition?

If SOLIDWORKS Education Edition is purchased with a subscription then faculty staff will be able to contact the Solid Solutions help desk for assistance.

Students are not entitled to use support and are encouraged to check online resources instead, such as the SOLIDWORKS FAQs, student support and the SOLIDWORKS forums.

What training materials are available for instructors?

Solid Solutions have a range of training materials including training manuals and online video content available for educational customers with an active subscription. See below for details.

SOLIDWORKS Instructor Resources
Training Manual - SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals

To help teachers prepare their lessons we provide a virtual manual that covers the fundamentals of 3D Design and Simulation. The manual contains step by step lessons that cover a range of topics, for each topic there is a set of exercises that are designed to test those topics.

Educational institutes with an active SOLIDWORKS subscription can access the manual at no additional cost, contact us at to find out more.

Video Lessons and Recaps - SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals

To complement the SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals manual we have created a series of short video lessons that are perfect for introducing or revising a topic. Each lesson is split into multiple 1-3 minute videos, if you would like to view an example of one of these please watch the "User Interface & Basic Controls" video.

Educational institutes with an active SOLIDWORKS subscription can access at no additional cost, contact us at to find out more.

SOLIDWORKS Training for Teachers

For teachers that need to get up to speed with SOLIDWORKS we recommend the SOLIDWORKS Essentials training course. This is a four day course that features many of the same lessons found in the SOLIDWORKS Fundamentals manual, making it the perfect preparation for anyone planning to teach SOLIDWORKS.

SOLIDWORKS Essentials also expands upon many of these topics, which will help teachers that have attended to stay ahead of their students.

View our Essentials training schedule for more information or to reserve your place on one of our courses.

Further Learning and Resources

The technical team at Solid Solutions regularly creates content to help customers continue learning SOLIDWORKS. This includes tutorial videos, answers to common problems and virtual walkthrough guides that demonstrate how to model different parts.

The virtual walkthrough guides are a great resource for new users of SOLIDWORKS as they show every step of the modelling process and run purely within a web browser for easy access. This makes them a useful tool for teaching students, as they won't require SOLIDWORKS to practice.

Get Students Qualified - SOLIDWORKS Exams

The Certified SOLIDWORKS Associate exam is the perfect goal for students learning SOLIDWORKS to work towards and will help them to stand out in university or job applications. The exam is taken online via a testing application and takes approximately three hours to complete. A code must be inputted to access the exam, these are free for all educational customers with an active SOLIDWORKS subscription.

Additionally schools, colleges and universities can register to become a certified exam provider. Once registered they can receive codes for more advanced exams including the most sought after SOLIDWORKS qualification, the Certified SOLIDWORKS Professional. Contact us at to find out more.

SOLIDWORKS Education Edition Includes


SOLIDWORKS Premium extends Standard’s features with file management capabilities, rendering, virtual testing, routing commands, component libraries and more.


SOLIDWORKS Visualize is the fastest and easiest way to create stunning photorealistic images and animations of your 3D models.


SOLIDWORKS Simulation allows you to test products virtually in a wide range of realistic scenarios. Virtual testing helps designers find flaws and optimize their products at less cost and with fewer prototypes.

SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation

Efficiently simulate fluid flow, heat transfer and fluid forces. Driven by engineering goals, Flow Simulation takes the complexity out of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).


Visualise your product moving as it would in the real world and measure the forces and loads on your design. Use the data you obtain to correctly size motors and create the ‘correct’ mechanism to ensure performance, product quality, and safety.


Use SOLIDWORKS Plastics to simulate how melted plastic flows during an injection molding process. Doing so can help you to understand and prevent possible manufacturing defects on while designing plastic parts. Being able to quickly evaluate and adjust your designs helps you to avoid costly mold rework and improve the final quality of your parts.


SOLIDWORKS Electrical CAD greatly simplifies electrical schematic creation by providing an intuitive interface that gives you faster results. Bi-directional integration in real time with SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD enables you to automatically route wires to calculate accurate lengths and easily check your designs for potential inteferences.


SOLIDWORKS MBD is a drawingless manufacturing solution which helps define, organise, and publish 3D Product Manufacturing Information in industry standard file formats such as 3D PDFs and eDrawings.




SOLIDWORKS Composer is the perfect tool for creating clear graphics from your CAD data for use in technical documents such as instruction manuals, procedural guides and maintenance instructions.


SOLIDWORKS CAM enables you to integrate design and manufacturing in one application, connecting design and manufacturing through a common 3D model.

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