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SOLIDWORKS Industry White Papers

Take an in-depth look at the features and benefits of SOLIDWORKS Products in your industry. Download White Papers and explore how critical components of SOLIDWORKS software help engineers and designers in a variety of industries.

High Tech - Electronics

Recharge Electronics and High-Tech Product Development

Plant & Process

Streamline Process and Plant Design with 3D CAD

High Tech - Electronics

Analysis Guide for Electronics/ Electrical Product Designers

Industrial Machinery

Analysis Guide for Machine Designers

Life Sciences - Medical

Bringing Innovative Medical Products to Market Faster

Mould Tool & Die

Designing Molds Quickly, Accurately, and Cost-Effectively with SOLIDWORKS

Oil & Gas

Efficient Design for the Oil and Gas Industry

Consumer Products

How SOLIDWORKS Speeds Consumer Product Design

High Tech - Electronics

Incorporating Mechatronics Into Your Design Process

Packaging Machinery

Streamlining the Design of Packaging Machinery

Industrial Machinery

Streamlining the Design of Industrial Machinery and Heavy Equipment

Life Sciences - Medical

Analysis Guide for Medical Product Designers