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With over 35 years of experience, the TriMech Group offers a comprehensive range of design, engineering, staffing and manufacturing solutions backed by experience and expertise that is unrivalled in the industry. The TriMech Group's solutions are delivered by the divisions and brands shown here, use the links above to visit the group's websites and learn more.



Why Utilize Maintenance Services?
Simple, Stress Free Upgrades
Outsourcing the annual upgrade of your Software to Solid Solutions will make your upgrade process risk free, convenient, and ensure quality. With CAD systems at the heart of many organizations more customers choose to upgrade with us each year, helping to minimize their downtime and ensure the job is done right.
How does it work?
When you buy your first upgrade from us one of our Customer Development Managers will be in touch to understand your needs fully. From that point we will contact you each year 8 weeks in advance of the next agreed upgrade date.

We can also use this as an opportunity to check any special requirements like server move support, and/or changes to your configuration since the previous year’s visit.
Which software is included?
We have in house experts for every one of the products we sell and support so don’t worry – if you bought it from us, we’ll be able to help! Descriptions of the different types of upgrade can be found below, but if you do need to tailor any service to your needs or have special requirements simply Get in Touch.
Will I experience any down-time?
In some cases, small amounts of systems ‘down-time’ is unavoidable. Key to our service is understanding your needs, minimizing not just the time offline, but crucially also reducing the impact to others in the business which can be achieved in a variety of different ways.

Utilising our team of experienced engineers for your installation or upgrade will reduce the time spent on these less familiar IT tasks and minimize the down time for your entire SOLIDWORKS team.

During the session we will:
  • Install or Upgrade to your chosen SOLIDWORKS version and service pack.
  • Install or Upgrade your license manager (Network license customers only).
  • Correctly upgrade to Hole wizard/Toolbox.
  • Ensure the company standard templates, libraries and file locations are maintained following the upgrade.
  • Review your system settings for optimal SOLIDWORKS usage.
  • Ensure the correct selection of graphics drivers for each machine configuration have been installed or updated accordingly.

Avoid the common pitfalls when installing products with more complex requirements, by utilising one of our experienced engineers to do it for you!

Avoid spending excessive amounts of time on unfamiliar IT tasks and minimize the down time for your entire CAM team.

Our Manufacturing Install or Upgrade visits are tailored to suit any of the following products:
  • CAMWorks
  • SWOOD/SWOOD Design

Having a member of our experienced team carry out your Electrical upgrades and installs will guarantee a smooth process with minimal disruption to you and your team.

Our Upgrades and Installs will cover:
  • The backup of all Electrical data from a single client machine.
  • Document the path to the existing database/files.
  • Upgrade of the SQL Databases, Collaboration Server and Program Data.
  • Restore the backup of Electrical data (If required).
  • Upgrade of the Electrical client machines (max. 5)
  • Testing of the client machines connectivity to the upgraded server and shared folder location.

Your PDM system is a critical part of your business systems, make sure the upgrades go through efficiently and stress-free by getting one of our experienced PDM engineers to do it for you!

Prior to the onsite upgrade we will:
  • Perform an offsite test upgrade on a backup of the PDM Standard database, which has been provided by the customer.
  • This is required to ensure the upgrade process will complete successfully during the onsite visit.
During the upgrade visit we will:
  • Check the customer has created a full backup of the PDM Standard system prior to commencing the upgrade process on the production system.
  • Upgrade the PDM Database Server Service and the PDM Archive Server Service, on the customer’s Server(s) to the chosen major version and latest service pack.
  • Upgrade the customer PDM Standard database.
  • Upgrade the SOLIDWORKS CAD and PDM Client software on up to five clients, demonstrating the procedure so that the customer can upgrade PDM clients over and above 5 client machines if required.

There are many factors to consider when upgrading PDM Professional, don't risk overlooking something important and compromising the health of your company's CAD data our PDM team can ensure your upgrades are done correctly with minimal disruption to your team

For full information on this service please contact the who can discuss this with you further and provide you with a Statement of Work.

It’s always great when changes go smoothly and that’s why some companies choose to get us involved when they are upgrading important hardware like a server.

During the server move we will:
  • Deactivate the existing SNL is running on the Server that will be retired.
  • Will install and activate the SNL software on to the new hardware platform.
  • We will also update all the SOLIDWORKS client machines, using a SOLIDWORKS Network License, to include the new SNL in the server list.

Upgrading to a new server? Our team can help you to migrate your electrical software and data properly so you can avoid any unwanted complications, reducing the time you spend figuring out IT processes and keeping your downtime to a minimum.

Prior to the server move we will:
  • The backup of all Electrical data from a single client machine.
  • Document the path to the existing database/files.
  • Install of Microsoft SQL Express on your new server.
  • Install of the SQL Databases, Collaboration Server and Program Data.
During a server move we will:
  • Perform backup of all the latest Electrical data from a single client machine.
  • Transfer the latest backup of Electrical data to the new server.
  • Update the Electrical client machines to reference the new server.
  • Undertake testing of the client machines connectively to the new server and shared folder location.

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