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TriMech has acquired Solid Solutions Group

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Effective June 24, 2022, TriMech has acquired Solid Solutions Group
TriMech and Solid Solutions are now ONE Team
Solid Solutions Group is now part of TriMech, bringing together hundreds of technical specialists from across four countries, and expanding support for design engineers and manufacturers in North America, the UK, and Ireland.

As a client, you won’t see any changes to how you do day-to-day business with us. Clients of each company will continue to connect with the sales, service, training and technical specialists they are used to contacting.

With access to new products and services, and deeper, more specialized support in some key areas, you can feel confident knowing that the combined team can take care of your evolving technology needs.

Solid Solutions CEO Alan Sampson will become President of TriMech’s UK and European business and the Solid Solutions team will stay in place. You remain in the best possible hands, and we’ll continue to keep you informed.


Benefits for Clients

More Specialised Offerings
Improved resource for specialised offerings including advanced simulation, large-scale manufacturing and PLM
New Custom Solutions
Including unique product combinations, customisation and implementation.
More Expertise
In core products and services (e.g. SOLIDWORKS and Dassault Systèmes software, training and support).
One-stop Tech Partner
Increased ability to serve larger clients operating in the U.K., Ireland, Canada, the United States and Europe.
Broader Range of Solutions
This move continues our effort to broaden the technology and business solutions we can deliver to clients. For more than 20 years, clients like you have trusted the advice and support we offer across every stage of your product development process.

As we grow, we improve our ability to develop sophisticated, custom solutions that address even more of your challenges and take your day-to-day work and your overall business to the next level — in design, collaboration, simulation and analysis, process and workflow, documentation, product data and lifecycle management, as well as offerings for the production floor.
Unmatched Solution Partner
Together we are the leading SOLIDWORKS partner and among the top three Dassault Systèmes partners in the world. Our special ability to deliver software, hardware and services to the engineering department AND enterprise-wide, process-driven business solutions (e.g., SIMULIA, ENOVIA, CATIA and DELMIA) will be unmatched among Dassault Systèmes partners.

We’re still here for you in all the ways you have come to trust and rely on; at the same time, we can bring you an expanded team of experts in a larger suite of products and services.

Growing for Clients - TriMech and Solid Solutions Combined




Technical Specialists



Alan Sampson

Solid Solutions CEO

"We continue to evolve and grow in ways that benefit our clients. No matter how large, diverse, or complex they become, we want to have the offerings and experts to deliver the results they need for the next chapter in their development.

That is why joining TriMech is also exciting for our team, who recognise all the opportunities they’ll have to serve our clients in new ways."

Marcel Matte

President and CEO of TriMech

"For more than two decades, each company’s clients have trusted the advice and support we offer across every stage of the product development process. As we grow, we improve our ability to develop sophisticated, custom solutions that address even more of their challenges.

This is one critical way we match up well with Solid Solutions. We both value the partnerships we have with clients who are navigating digital and business transformations."

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Frequently Asked Questions
Will I have the same experience working with the integrated company as I did before?
Yes. TriMech and Solid Solutions have come together because of our common mission and compatibility. Each company will bring some new elements and expertise to the other and together we will leverage our teams and culture to do even more for our clients.
What will the business be called?
TriMech will continue as TriMech.

TriMech recognises and respects the Solid Solutions brand and reputation in the UK, Ireland and beyond. Solid Solutions will be referred to as Solid Solutions – A TriMech Company.

The Solid Solutions website will be updated immediately with the new logo. Over time, additional collateral will reflect the new logo, such as email signatures and client invoices.

Each website will remain separate while we refine the longer-term plan for our partnership.
Will all the offices remain open?
We don’t foresee any changes to our office footprint because of this acquisition.
What is the footprint of the combined company? Where do you operate?
With its acquisition of Solid Solutions, TriMech has grown to have more than 50 locations across four countries – the United States, Canada, the UK and Ireland – serving more than 30,000 clients with over 650 employees, including approximately 270 application engineers.
Are there any changes to technical support contacts?
No, in fact due to the extended time zones that TriMech now operates in, we expect to be able to offer extended technical support coverage across time zones in North America and the UK/Ireland.

Please contact your usual tech support people:

Solid Solutions – A TriMech Company clients call 01 297 4440 TriMech clients call 888 874 6324
Does this affect my subscription?
No. Your subscription will remain the same, and you’ll get the same communications about subscription benefits and renewals.
Can I still receive support on purchases I made from either company?
Yes. TriMech and Solid Solutions software, hardware, data management, and engineering and enterprise solutions clients will continue to be supported by their existing sales and support teams.
Will my contacts (such as my account manager) stay the same?
Yes. You will still be working with the same great people.
How should I handle invoices and payments?
Invoicing and payments will continue as usual. If changes arise in the future, you will be notified well in advance and will have a chance to ask questions.
Will your company websites or contact information change?
Not at this time. TriMech and Solid Solutions will each retain their unique websites and can still be reached by the same phone numbers and email addresses.
Who should I contact if I have more questions?
For TriMech: Angie Droz, 865 934 5304

For Solid Solutions: Please contact your account manager, use the form on this page or alternatively email to speak to our Sales Director
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If you have more questions and would like to speak to your account manager, please call 01 297 4440 or complete the form below and a member of our team will be in touch.

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