Simulation consultancy services

What is Simulation Consultancy?
Solid Solutions has over 30 years of experience with simulation, not just selling, supporting, and validating simulation software. We also have our own in-house simulation consultancy team with a proven track record in providing high-quality simulation consultancy services, for companies with projects that require quick turnaround or more advanced software capability.

Our consultancy team is made up of chartered engineers who have a range of experience across multiple sectors allowing us to ensure we can meet your simulation requirements. As a software provider for a large range of simulation solutions, we are in a unique position that allows us to remain impartial to the product you choose, ensuring your problem is solved as efficiently as possible. We also encourage knowledge transfer sessions should you wish to bring simulation in-house for future projects.

Simulation Professional Services

A bespoke service suitable for any business looking to outsource their simulation to our specialist team; this could be on SOLIDWORKS or one of our more advanced SIMULIA packages.
Quick Start
This service is designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible while avoiding common pitfalls. We'll help you set up templates and bridge the gap between training and creating your first simulation.
Web-Based Continual Improvement Programme (CIP)
This is a development programme ideal for experienced customers who want in-depth, 1-to-1 consulting with a Solid Solutions Simulation Expert. This can be delivered in 1-2 hour slots if preferred.
Method Development Service (MDS)
Solid Solutions will develop analysis methodology documentation bespoke to your specific requirements, empowering your business to conduct simulation in-house with confidence and consistency.
What Simulation Consultancy Are You Interested In?
Finite Element Analysis
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Electromagnetic Simulation
Motion Analysis
Plastic Injection
Engineering Service
FEA - Finite Element Analysis
FEA - Finite Element Analysis the process of mathematically predicting the behaviour of a part or assembly under given conditions typically to understand if a part is safe or if something is going to break or deform how it behave during this time and afterward. Our Chartered Engineers have extensive FEA experience in:
  • Static Structural Analysis
  • Fatigue & Durability
  • Buckling analysis
  • Fracture and damage modelling
  • Vibrational Analysis
  • Linear and Nonlinear Dynamic Simulation
  • Drop & Impact tests / Crash testing
  • Topology Optimisation
  • Pressure vessel analysis
  • Hyper Elastics & Rubber Material Behaviour
  • Complex contact problems
  • Composite material analysis
CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics
CFD - Computational Fluid Dynamics is the study of gases and liquids. To give further understanding of how they will interact with a given piece of geometry and what effects will they have on that geometry. By modelling physical phenomenon involving fluid flow and solving it numerically we can solve:
  • Thermal Simulations - Radiation, conduction, convection, solar radiation, combustion
  • Pump/fan efficiency Simulations
  • HVAC Simulation
  • Electronic Cooling Simulation
  • Particle Simulations
  • Residence time calculation
  • Joule Heating Analysis
  • Fluid Structure interaction
  • Buoyancy Simulations
  • Free Surface Simulations
  • Cavitation problems
  • Multiphase – High fidelity
  • Non-Newtonian fluids
  • Moving boundaries
Electromagnetic Simulation
This type of study is described as the science of electricity and magnetism and the interactions between them and the surrounding geometry. Solid Solutions are now proud to be able to offer services in this field. Using Dassault Systèmes CST suite and Opera. For both high and low frequency applications such as:
  • Return loss
  • Far-field patterns
  • Lighting strike Analysis
  • Signal quality checks
  • Power integrity
  • Compliance for electronic devices
  • Bio EM Simulation for medical devices
  • Electric motors, & generators
  • Thermal Coupling with FEA
Motion Analysis/Multibody Dynamics
Multibody body dynamics is used to accurately simulate and analyse the motion of an assembly while incorporating the effects of motion study elements including forces, springs, dampers, and friction. This is a powerful tool which can be used to:
  • Calculate required motor torques
  • Complete Topple tests
  • Work out Reaction forces/moments
  • Calculate Contact forces
  • Calculate required linear forces
  • Power consumption
  • Visualise mechanical movement
  • Calculate velocity & acceleration
  • Create movement envelopes and trace trajectories
  • Dynamically Calculate centre of mass
  • Combine with FEA
Engineering Services
We have a wide range of expertise in engineering analysis and simulation beyond what is listed above. Predominantly gained working within highly regulated industries on safety-critical designs following engineering codes and standards. As well as understanding how to design, we also have the expertise to work out why things fail. The types of wide-ranging engineering services we can offer include:
  • Concept & Prototype development
  • Engineering & simulation reviews
  • Fitness-For-Service
  • Failure Assessment & Re-design
  • Decommissioning studies
Plastic Injection Molding
This is the process of melting plastic that once malleable enough, are injected at pressure into a mould cavity, which fills and solidifies to produce the final product. However, this is highly complex process which if not done correctly and lead to expensive rework or part defects. Using our plastics software and expertise we can offer:
  • Fill Analysis
  • Pack analysis
  • Cooling Analysis
  • Warp Analysis
  • Coupling with FEA

Simulation Consultancy Success Story

Start-up company, PlasmaTrack, are leading the way when it comes to preventing a major source of train disruptions and delays...leaves! During the colder months, railways have the challenge of dealing with wet slippery surfaces from leaves that make their way onto the line. But using PlasmaTrack’s smart technology, it can clear the residue on tracks returning the surface to a dry, clean, and uncontaminated state.

However, they didn’t have the skills in-house to carry out computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis using SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation. This was crucial for the design as they needed to analyse the plasma generation, for instance in analysing the airflows and calculating the impact as it moved along the track and any interference that may be coming from the wind or the train’s wheels.

“We got in touch with Solid Solutions’ help desk for advice on what to do in terms of carrying out these simulations and they said that they could run these simulations for us. We weren’t aware that this was even a service they offered and it was far more cost effective than hiring external consultants to do it for us,” says Julian.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is simulation?
Physical testing is often expensive and difficult to complete it can also be hard to capture and interpret the results. Before even considering what changes to make to the design to improvement performance. Virtual testing helps companies better understand their designs at an early stage. Allowing for optimization, reduce material cost, a boost in innovation, and ultimately design better products.

If you're looking to improve your designs but don't have the required expertise, we offer training programs and consultancy that can be tailored to meet your requirements.
What software do we use?
We have the full product portfolios from Dassault Systèmes in Simula & Solidworks at our disposal. However, we also have other products within the group we can use to further aid validation and offer additional industry specific capabilities.
What solutions do we offer?
We offer simulation consultancy on all our products, but we also offer methods development services and 1 to 1 guidance on a live project. To ensure you get the most out of your software investment. But beyond this we also have chartered engineers that can help bring years of expertise to concept & prototype development, engineering & simulation reviews, fitness-for-service assessments, and failure assessment & re-design.
How can I learn more?
As the range of solutions that our simulation experts can provide is vast, we recommend you get in touch with one of our team to discuss your requirements. Contact your account manager, complete the form to the right or call 01 297 4440.
How to get a quote for a project?
Once we understand the scope of the project, we will then provide an estimate, time scales and a detailed scope work to ensure the deliverables are clear for both parties.

Once the project is complete, we can provide and a detailed report. 3D files that can be viewed on any device and the full simulation data if required.

Speak to one of our simulation team today. Or email us across details of the project. All data will be treated as highly confidential.
Key benefits
Some of the key benefits of simulation include;
  • A shorter time to market – Gain insights into performance earlier into the design process so that you can make changes to reduce the number of prototypes and the amount of physical testing required.
  • Material cost savings – Physical testing tends to be quite conservative and often results in over engineering. Testing a variety of designs virtually can help to create lighter and more efficient parts.
  • Boosting innovation – Virtual testing improves the ease of editing and evaluating your designs providing you the freedom to explore the “What ifs?” and create more innovative designs.
  • Solving the unsolvable – Certain parameters are incredibly difficult to test physically, Simulation allows you to test elements of a design that would be prohibitive in the real world.
  • Integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD – Using SOLIDWORKS CAD already? As our simulation tools are fully embedded within the software, we can provide a greater level of consistency and data integrity than other systems.
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