What is Simulation?
Making the most of SOLIDWORKS Simulation
Virtual testing helps companies shorten time to market, reduce material cost, boost innovation and ultimately design better products. If you're looking to improve your designs but don't have the required expertise, we offer training and consultancy that can be tailored to meet your requirements.
What is Simulation?
Simulation is simply the process of replicating a physical test in the virtual world using software. This allows us to predict a wide range of parameters such as durability, static and dynamic response, motion, heat transfer, fluid dynamics, and plastic injection flow.
What software do we use?
With the full SOLIDWORKS Simulation suite of tools at our disposal, we can replicate a huge variety of real-world conditions to help provide insights into your designs. The main tools that we use are SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium, SOLIDWORKS Flow Simulation and SOLIDWORKS Plastics.
What solutions do we offer?
We offer FEA and CFD consultancy services to suit your business needs. With the full SOLIDWORKS suite of tools at our disposal, we can deliver solutions to a huge range of industries such as defence, rail, oil and gas, medical, automotive and consumer products. For those looking to understand how to properly utilise simulation we also offer training and a Method Development service where we help you establish a workflow specific to your company’s requirements.
How can I learn more?
As the range of solutions that our simulation experts can provide is vast, we recommend you get in touch with one of our team to discuss your requirements. Contact your account manage or call 01 297 4440.
Key Benefits
Some of the key benefits of simulation include;
  • A Shorter Time to Market – Gain insights into performance earlier into the design process so that you can make changes to reduce the number of prototypes and the amount of physical testing required.
  • Material Cost Savings – Physical testing tends to be quite conservative and often results in over engineering. Testing a variety of designs virtually can help to create lighter and more efficient parts.
  • Boosting Innovation – Virtual testing improves the ease of editing and evaluating your designs providing you the freedom to explore the “What ifs?” and create more innovative designs.
  • Solving the Unsolvable – Certain parameters are incredibly difficult to test physically, Simulation allows you to test elements of a design that would be prohibitive in the real world.
  • Integration with SOLIDWORKS CAD – Using SOLIDWORKS CAD already? As our Simulation tools are fully embedded within the software, we can provide a greater level of consistency and data integrity than other systems.
Learn more about our Simulation Consultancy

Solid Solutions have a team of simulation experts with experience, resource and a proven track record in providing simulation consultancy services. Our services cover the entire suite of capability included within SOLIDWORKS, from Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics to Rigid Body Kinematics and Plastic Mould Flow analysis. Our team can tailor the solutions and services we provide to give you the results you need to satisfy your design goals and requirements.

Learn more about our Method Development Services

We are also offer services designed to not only present solutions, but to also provide you with developed methods, to help you to hit the ground running with your own simulation work and attain a return on investment that much sooner. These services include a Continual Improvement Program, a Methods Development Report, Knowledge Pack and a Knowledge Transfer Program (KTP).

Ready to talk?

Our priority is to always provide you with the right solution and delivering it to meet your exact needs. Whether you’re looking for a one-off solution or want to take control and develop your own methods we’re confident we can tailor a solution to your needs. The first step is always to talk. One of our consultants will meet you to learn about your business and discuss our various, proven implementation methods. We will then be happy to put a proposal together for you to consider and take it from there.

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