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3D Printers from Solid Solutions & SP3D

Our Printers 
Solid Print3D take the guess work out of choosing your next 3D Printer. We have been able to hand pick the best 3D Printing companies to partner with, taking the effort out of researching a market with over 200+ 3D printing companies looking for your business. We stay abreast of new technology and ensure we offer tried & trusted technology you can rely on. Whether it’s a reliable budget FDM printer, a print with flexible or carbon filled materials or if you wish to print in Metal – we have you covered. We’re always available to understand you requirements and will never make a recommendation unless we fully understand your business.

About Solid Print3D
Solid Print3D are the sister company to Solid Solutions –and are uniquely placed with the UK design & engineering sectors offering 3D CAD -> 3D Printing Support. No longer will you have to call 2 companies to diagnose an issue with your print: is it the STL file or the printer? We support your CAD, through the slicing software to the hardware support. 1 stop support! We care about our customers and this is what allowed us to become a trusted partner to so many UK businesses. We would love to hear from you.

1. Markforged

Markforged utilising the latest in cutting edge materials science, cloud computing & industrial to design to create holistic systems that provide parts with incredible strength and stiffness. Printing in continuous Carbon Fibre and Metal, Markforged are leading the way in replacing traditional expensive manufacturing by increasing speed & reducing cost. 

2. Formlabs Printers

Formlabs develops innovative and sophisticated fabrication tools for professional artists, designers, and engineers. Formlabs was founded in 2011 and brought SLA printing to the mainstream with their Desktop printer. The Form 2 is a reliable, high performance printer and the form wash & form cure automate a traditionally difficult process. With a fantastic range of high performance resins Formlabs are the SLA brand to work with.

3. Ultimaker Printers

Ultimaker was founded in 2011 and has rapidly grown to the the GoTo budget FDM printing brand. Ultimaker take great pride in supporting Open Source filaments (meaning you can print with any filament you wish). Ultimaker are releasing new printer, new filaments & forging new relationships with industry leading Chemical companies keeping them ahead of the curve and always evolving.

4. Raise3d Printers

With a 400% year-to-year growth rate, Raise3D is quickly becoming the fastest growing 3D Printing company on earth. Offering large format printing for incredible value for money Raise3D is setting the benchmark in this sector. With a £ per cubic cm typically 1/2 the price of other FDM machines Raise3D will allow you to produce huge prints for a minimal price.

5. Bigrep Printers

Bigrep is changing the landscape with large scale manufacturing. Founded 2014 Bigrep can print models up to 1m3. Aimed at the Automotive, Aerospace, furniture, robotic and architecture markets, Bigrep and are leading the way in large format 3D printing. If you want to print your large objects, without the need to glue parts, together, take a look at the products below.

6. Sindoh Printers

Sindoh printers are based in South Korea and offer incredible value for money. Sindoh were established in 1960 and have a long and proud history of manufacturing electronic equipment. Sindoh launched their first 3D printer in 2016 and have since released 5 products, with 2 more on the way in 2019. Sindoh offer FDM printers, with both single & dual head configurations.

7. Pocket NC Printers

The Pocket NC's Printer enclosures now comes with a safety switch installed to ensure safety at all times! The Pocket NC printers have been inspired and designed around how 3D printing has evolved within engineering. Because of these changes Pocket NC had decided to create and develop a new CNC axis machine. The success of these machines has now ensured that Pocket NC have designed one of the most unique machines that is both compact and accurate.