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Once a user is familiar with the fundamentals of SOLIDWORKS, they are encouraged to become certified. All certifications are conveniently delivered to you online.

A user can take the exam online themselves or attend a preparation / refresher course with ourselves.

Whether you’re a designer or an engineering manager, you can benefit from the CSWP Program, a proven method of evaluating professional competence in mainstream 3D modelling across a number of industries. By earning the CSWP status, you clearly indicate that you’re a highly qualified and competent 3D user as well as a valued, marketable professional. Certification also allows hiring managers to discern your level of commitment to your career and lets them know that you have the proven abilities and experience to help them meet their goals.

Certification Exams Available

In the last year, SolidWorks has broadened the number of exams available to cover specialist areas, such as Sheet Metal, Mould Design, Surfaces etc.

·         CSWP

·         CSWA

·         CSWP - Sheet Metal

·         CSWP - Weldments

·         CSWP - Surfacing

·         CSWP - Mould Tools

·         CSWP - FEA

·         CSWP


The CSWP-Core is the most popular SOLIDWORKS Certification in Industry. Once you pass the CSWP Exam, you can choose to be listed online by SOLIDWORKS in your County / Town. You will also receive business card logos, and a unique certificate ID which employers can use to verify its authenticity.

·         Exam Length: 3.3 Hours (All segments in total)

·         Passing Grade: 75%

·         Main Areas:

1. Part Modelling

2. Design Modification & Configurations

3. Assembly Design

·         Cost: €75

*If you attend the CSWP Preparation Course, this will be included in the cost.

Topics Include:

·         Sketch entities - lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, ellipses, centrelines

·         Sketch tools - offset, convert, trim

·         Sketch relations

·         Boss and cut features - extrudes, revolves, sweeps, lofts

·         Fillets and chamfers

·         Draft

·         Shell

·         Hole Wizard

·         Linear, circular and fill patterns

·         Linked dimensions

·         Equations

·         Mirror

·         Dimensions

·         Feature conditions – start and end

·         Multi-body parts

·         Rib

·         Feature scope

·         Mass properties

·         Move/Delete face

·         Materials

·         Restraints

·         Inserting components - new and existing

·         Standard mates and advanced mates

·         Reference geometry – planes, axis, mate references

·         In-context features

·         Interference detection

·         Suppression states

·         Move/Rotate component

·         Assembly features

·         Collision detection in an assembly

·         External references

·         Design tables

·         Dimensions and model items

If you would like any advice, information or if you have any queries regarding SOLIDWORKS Certification, Exams or Courses please do not hesitate to contact us by phone on +353 1 2974440 or by email: