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  • I cannot recommend Solid Solutions Ireland highly enough. They give a great service and are very knowledgeable on all aspects of SOLIDWORKS. As a freelance operator Solid Solutions Ireland gave me great…

    Paul Cullen, Owner, Paul Cullen CAD Drafting, SOLIDWORKS 3D Modelling

  • Dealing with Joe Coogan & Stephen Burke on getting up to speed with an enhanced EPDM system to our company. Both have been easy to deal with & very professional in there approach to understanding the…

    Martin Fitzgerald, SOLIDWORKS CAD Resource Manager, OpenHydro


Today's students are tomorrow's industry leaders. We're committed to providing the most innovative resources for learning and teaching CAD to students and educators, worldwide. The SOLIDWORKS Education Program has been endorsed by global leaders in government, industry, and education. Over 75% of the world's top-ranked academic institutions have enhanced engineering graphics and CAD instruction with SOLIDWORKS software.

Solid Solutions Ireland have always placed a great significance on the Education Market having supplied the majority of Universities and Institute of Technologies with the SolidWorks Education Edition. We also supply and support the post primary schools in both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland the SolidWorks Education Edition and Draftsight. The contract with the Department of Education in Ireland has recently been renewed up to 2021, meaning over 60,000 licenses of SolidWorks will be taught through the new Technology Subjects. To learn more about this initiative go to the T4 website

To find out more about getting SOLIDWORKS for your School, College or University, just get in touch with our Educational team here in Solid Solutions Ireland on our contact page.


Case Study on T4 Technology Subjects Support Service in Ireland >> Download

SOLIDWORKS Educational Resources

SOLIDWORKS Educational Portal

This portal will help you to expand your knowledge and discover SOLIDWORKS® with ease and at your own pace.

Register for access to free downloads, Videos, demos and tips & tricks along with resources to help you go further with SOLIDWORKS. Keep up to date with contests and competitions which students can enter to represent their schools, colleges and third-level institutions.

SOLIDWORKS Educational Blog

SOLIDWORKS Educational Blog This frequently updated blog is packed with project ideas and tutorials for Teachers and Students of all ages. It also showcases some of the exciting and innovative ideas which students design in SOLIDWORKS. Stay tuned to SOLIDWORKS Sustainability posts with information on carrying out environmental analysis of products and selection of environmentally superior materials. SOLIDWORKS Educational Blog


SOLIDWORKS Educator / Student Forum


Join the community of SOLIDWORKS educators and students on the SOLIDWORKS Forum. Ask questions and help fellow students and teachers with SOLIDWORKS. If you have a question to ask, this will be a good place to get an answer.



    To download the SOLIDWORKS Student Design Kit go to this link Use your new School Code the was supplied via email to the school and add your relevant details in the empty fields..

  • SOLIDWORKS Customer Portal

    The SolidWorks Educational licence gives schools to option to gain access to the SolidWorks Customer Portal as a gateway to resources, upgrades, service packs, forums, archived webcasts, e-learning, and more. It is also a means for schools to upgrade or install new copies of the SolidWorks software. Schools should be extremely cautious however if considering upgrading their existing version of the software. This is particularly true if their current software is working satisfactorily on older computers and networks. If a school is considering upgrading we would recommend any upgrade to be done on a phased basis where the new software can be tested to see how well it will perform on the schools existing computers and older operating systems. It may also be prudent not to consider any upgrade until the current Student Assignment is completed.

  • Will decals be visible in Photoview 360?

    PhotoView 360 had no ability to use decals up to Service Pack 3. However, the decal functionality was added to Photoview 360 from Service Pack 4 onwards. Please note that the decal cannot be applied in Photoview 360 it can only be applied from within SolidWorks. Open the part or assembly in SolidWorks with PhotoWorks added. In the Render Manager, open the decal folder and ensure that the decal is shown. It may be necessary to hide the decal, then show it again, File and Save. When the model is opened in Photoview 360 without doing this, the decal may not appear in Photoview 360 even though it appears in SolidWorks. Go back to Photoview 360 and open the saved part/assembly and the decal appears. You do not have a lot of control over the decal in Photoview 360 – you can change the illumination settings and little else.

  • When I try to open the drawings stored on a usb key they will not open. The software keeps telling me that the path is not found.

    For SolidWorks to open the drawing It is neccessary to have every part of the drawing saved onto the usb key.

  • I cannot get the orthographic to come up as the correct elevation, end-view etc. even though i have reset the views in the assembly.

    Mate the Front Plane of the first part in the Assembly to the Front Plane of the Assembly. Repeat this for the Top and Right Planes. This will correct the Orthographic Views in the Assembly

  • I modelled my parts and created an assembly. The assembly appeared with a grey colour applied i.e. the colours of the parts did not show up in the assembly. Opening the assembly with PhotoWorks off does not solve the problem. How do I overcome this?

    Right-click on the assembly filename at the top of the Feature Manager tree Select the beach ball icon Use the drop-down arrow to see the colour applied to the assembly – in this case, it is grey Click the grey swatch and the colours will open Note that the Remove Appearance is not available Change the appearance from grey to any other colour, say blue We have now painted a blue colour over the grey colour and the whole assembly will turn blue Click OK The assembly is now all blue Right-click on the assembly filename at the top of the Feature Manager tree again Re-open the beach ball again from the top of the Feature Manager tree Click on the blue colour swatch to open the Appearance Property Manager A new option will appear - this time Remove Appearance is available – clear the colour blue and the grey. Any colours that have been applied to the assembly are now cleared. The part colours now appear Save and Rebuild